FN6.6 International Financial Management

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Unit 1 Introduction to International Finance [Book]  
Introduction to International Finance, Components VIEW
Methods of Payment VIEW
Risks & Uncertainties in International Finance VIEW
Issues involved in International Business and Finance VIEW
International Monetary System VIEW
Recent Developments in International Finance VIEW
Home Currency, Foreign Currency VIEW
Direct Quote and Indirect Quote VIEW
Bid and Ask VIEW
Spot and Forward Rate VIEW
Appreciation and Depreciation VIEW
Cross Currency Rates VIEW


Unit 2 Foreign Exchange and Balance of Payments [Book]  
Introduction to Forex, Features & Objectives VIEW
Forex Market & its Intermediaries VIEW
Foreign Exchange Rate VIEW
Theories of Foreign Exchange Rate Determination VIEW
Exchange Rate Forecasting VIEW
Impact of exchange rate on BOP VIEW
Remedial measures taken by Government & Regulatory Authorities in India VIEW
Components of Balance of Payments VIEW
Disequilibrium in the Balance of Payments VIEW
Methods of Correction of Disequilibrium VIEW


Unit 3 Instruments in International Financial Markets [Book]  
International Financial Markets VIEW
Globalization of Capital Markets VIEW
Innovation in Foreign Securities VIEW
International Portfolio Management VIEW


Unit 4 Foreign Exchange Risk [Book]  
Foreign Exchange Risk VIEW VIEW
Meaning, Definition, Participants, Types of Exchange risks VIEW
Exchange Risks: Hedging, Forward, Future, Swaps Options VIEW
Valuation of Future and Swaps VIEW
Valuation of Options VIEW
Efficiency of the Exchange Market VIEW


Unit 5 International Financial Institutions and Liquidity [Book]  
International Liquidity VIEW
Basket of Currencies, Special Drawing Rights (SDR) VIEW
World Bank VIEW
International Development Association VIEW
International Finance Corporation (IFC) VIEW
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) VIEW
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Objectives & Functions, Role in International Finance VIEW