Management Innovation Bangalore University BBA 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Managerial Functions {Book}
Concept of Management VIEW
Principles of Management VIEW
Managerial Functions: VIEW
Planning VIEW
Organizing VIEW
Staffing VIEW
Directing VIEW
Coordinating VIEW
Controlling VIEW
Manager Meaning of Manager, Types of Managers VIEW
Role of Manager VIEW VIEW
Managerial Skills VIEW
Modern Organization Structure VIEW VIEW
Ethics in Management VIEW
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Meaning, Definition, Types VIEW VIEW
Need and Responsibility towards Stakeholders and Community VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Change Management {Book}
Change Management Meaning, Need VIEW
Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA) VIEW
7 R’s of Change Management: Reuse, Repurpose, Rot, Repair, Return, Refill and Refuse VIEW
Steps in Change Management VIEW
Change Management Risk VIEW
Change Management Need VIEW
Change Management Stages VIEW
Change Management Models VIEW VIEW VIEW
Theories of Change Management VIEW
Resistance to Change VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Management Information System {Book}
Management Information System Meaning, Definition, Concepts, Types of Information Systems VIEW
Trends in Information Technology VIEW VIEW
Role of MIS VIEW
MIS report meaning, Need, Type and Format of MIS report VIEW
Managing Data Resources VIEW VIEW
ERP Meaning, Need VIEW
Steps of ERP VIEW
Challenges of ERP VIEW


Unit 4 Government and Business {Book}
Role of Government in Business Organization VIEW
State participation in Business Organization VIEW
Relationship between Government & Business Organization VIEW
Role of Chamber of Commerce and Industry VIEW
Government Schemes for Business Organization VIEW
Read More initiative VIEW
Government Policy on Regional Balances VIEW


Unit 5 Business Intelligence (BI) {Book}
Meaning and Definition of BI, Need, Role of BI, Pros and Cons of BI, Types VIEW
Career Opportunities in BI VIEW
Trends in Business Intelligence VIEW
Artificial Intelligence Meaning, Goals VIEW
Role of AI in Management VIEW