Business Management & Startups Bangalore University 1st Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Principles & Functions of Management {Book}
Introduction, Meaning, Definitions, Importance & Scope of management VIEW
Principles of Management VIEW
Managerial Functions: Meaning, Definition, Characteristics VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Planning VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Organizing VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Directing VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Coordinating VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Controlling VIEW
Task & Responsibilities of Professional Manager VIEW


Unit 2 Leadership & Motivation {Book}
Leadership: Concept, Importance VIEW
Major Theories of Leadership:
Likert’s scale Theory, Fred Fielder’s Situational leadership VIEW
Blake & Mouton’s Managerial Grid theory VIEW
House Path Goal theory VIEW
Modern Leadership styles in the changing world (Charismatic leadership, Transformational leadership, Visionary Leadership, Transactional Leadership, Servant Leadership, Situational Leadership). VIEW
Motivation: Concept & Importance of Motivation VIEW
Contemporary Motivation Theories
Expectancy Theory VIEW
Equity Theory VIEW
Goal Setting Theory VIEW
Reinforcement theory VIEW


Unit 3 Startups & Its Financial Issues {Book}
Startups Introduction, Meaning, Features, Types, Ideation VIEW
Design Thinking VIEW
Entrepreneurship Lessons for Startups VIEW
3 Pillars to Initiate startup (Handholding, Funding & Incubation) VIEW
Startup Financial issues VIEW
Feasibility Analysis: The cost & Process of Raising capital VIEW
Unique Funding issues of a High-tech Ventures:
Funding with equity VIEW
Financing with debt VIEW
funding strategies with bootstrapping VIEW
Crowdfunding VIEW
Venture Capital VIEW


Unit 4 Incubation Support to Startups {Book}
Introduction, Meaning & Definition of Incubation Support, Services Types VIEW
Objectives & Functions of Incubation Centers VIEW
Incentives for Incubators VIEW
Role of Incubators in startup Policy VIEW
List of Major Startups Incubators in India VIEW
Case studies on Startups


Unit 5 Government Initiatives for Startups in India {Book}
Government Initiatives, Startup India Initiative VIEW
Mudra Scheme (Sishu, Kishore & Tarun) VIEW
ATAL Innovation Mission VIEW
MSME Multiplier Grants Scheme VIEW
Credit Guarantee fund Trust for micro & Small business VIEW
Software Technology Park VIEW
Venture Capital Assistance Scheme VIEW
Single Point Registration scheme VIEW
M-SIPS, Self-Employment & Talent Utilization (SETU) VIEW