Factors affecting Individual Career Planning

04/07/2021 1 By indiafreenotes

Career development has close links with the development of human resources. Where the career development leads to improvement and personal improvement afforded by individuals and organizations to choose a destination and a career path to achieve that goal. Career development is not only referring to regulation but also on the ability of individuals and organizations the ability to develop a career employee. But in reality, many are quite crucial issues arise, particularly in local government organization. As an illustration is hiring policy in structural positions and personnel transfers in an area that is still a lot of colored political overtones and a variety of interests both political elite and elite interests of the executive.

  • Willingness to change performed job or employer

Sometimes it is necessary to change job position, department or employers for promotion or job career development. In the event that employer does not allow career progress, employee has only one option- to search new job and change employer.

  • Personality of employee

Employee’s personality and motivation is necessary prerequisite for working on certain job positions. Personality of employee and superior ideas about personality profile for concrete job is one of key factor with the direct affect to career development.

  • Self-assessment

Explains that the self-assessment is a process of self-study, or the first step to be done someone in career planning is a self-assessment. Realistic self-assessment can help a person to avoid mistakes that could affect the overall progress of his career.

  • Education, completed training and courses

Adequate education, completed courses and training programs are one of basic factor with direct influence for career and for promotion in organizational structure.

In some companies it is very difficult for employee without university degree to decide achieve advancement to major work and employee with university degree has obvious advantage career development.

  • Mapping Career

Individual career mapping is a process to describe the career prospects of an employee, including an explanation of the level of employee readiness to assume certain positions.

  • Behavior and self-presentation

The behavior and the superior view of employee is sometimes more important than job performance. Employ must consider the career goals and for these goals and for proposed job position must modify self-presentation and behavior in company.

  • Job performance and evaluation of superior

Job performance and result attained at word should be one of the key factors with influence for career and for advancement in within organizational structure.

But in company games they are not only job performance a work results as factor affecting career development. Equally important and many times more important is the superior view and evaluations of job performance. And superiors decide about career progress of their subordinates.

  • Performed job position

Performed job position must be in accordance with career goals. If employee wants to build specialist career in research area, he must find adequate job place in adequate company, which allow him correct job and career development.

  • Career Counseling

The importance of career development, it is a labor organization or institution should provide for a career counselor for employees. Career counseling services provide an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn the skills, strengths, and potential for various types of the work, and choose a job that suits the purpose and personality of employees. Based on the above description, the relationship and the influence of self-assessment, career mapping, identification of the business achieve career goals, personal development, performance appraisal, career-related education, career information and career counseling for employee career development can be described through the following frameworks

  • Company situation

Situation at company has significant influence for employee career. The employee can have all prerequisites and assumptions for promotion, but situation at company does not allow career development. Reasons for these conditions could be different, for examples: well-qualified and well-evaluated persons on required job positions or economic situations of company or market. In these states of affair is almost impossible to reach of promotion.