Cyber Security Bangalore University BBA 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]

Introduction to Cyber Security, Defining Cyberspace VIEW
Overview of Computer and Web-technology VIEW
Architecture of Cyberspace VIEW
Communication and Web Technology VIEW
Internet VIEW
World wide web VIEW
Advent of internet VIEW
Internet infrastructure for Data Transfer and Governance VIEW
Internet Society VIEW
Regulation of Cyberspace VIEW
Concept of Cyber security, Issues and Challenges of cyber security VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]
Cyber-Crime and Cyber law: Classification of Cyber-crimes, Common cyber-crimes VIEW
Cybercrime targeting Computers and Mobiles VIEW
Cyber-crime against Women and Children VIEW
Cyber-crime financial frauds VIEW
Social engineering attacks, Malware and Ransomware attacks VIEW
Zero Day and Zero Click attacks VIEW
Cybercriminals modus-operandi, Reporting of Cybercrimes, Remedial and Mitigation measures VIEW
Legal perspective of Cyber crime VIEW
IT Act 2000 and its Amendments, Cybercrime, and Offences VIEW
Organizations dealing with Cybercrime and Cyber Security in India VIEW
Case Studies
Unit 3 [Book]
Social Media Overview and Security: Introduction to Social Networks, Types of Social Media, Social Media Platforms, Social media monitoring, Hashtag, Viral content VIEW
Social Media Marketing VIEW
Social Media Privacy, Challenges VIEW
Opportunities and pitfalls in online Social network VIEW
Security issues related to Social media VIEW
Flagging and Reporting of inappropriate content VIEW
Laws regarding posting of inappropriate content VIEW
Best practices for the use of Social media VIEW
Case Studies