Modern Marketing

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Unit 1 Introduction to Marketing and Services {Book}
Meaning and Definition Market VIEW
Marketing: Nature and Scope of Marketing VIEW
Goals of Marketing VIEW
Concepts of Marketing VIEW
Functions of Marketing VIEW
Importance of Marketing VIEW
Services: Meaning and Definition, Characteristics VIEW
Classification of services VIEW
Distinction between Goods marketing and Service marketing VIEW
Marketing mix. in service industry:
Product VIEW
Price VIEW
Promotion & Communication VIEW
Place VIEW
People or Physical evidence VIEW
Growth of service sector in India VIEW
Service processes VIEW
Designing the Service process VIEW
Services blueprint VIEW


Unit 2 Marketing Environment (Marco and Micro) {Book}
Marco: Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological, Political, Legal and Socio-Cultural VIEW
Micro Customer: Supplier, Manufacturer Employees, Public and Community Competitors VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Marketing Mix {Book}
Marketing Mix Meaning, Elements VIEW
Product VIEW
Product Mix VIEW
Product Lifecycle VIEW
Product Planning VIEW
New Product Development, Stages VIEW
Failure of New Product VIEW
Branding VIEW VIEW
Packing and Packaging VIEW
Pricing, Objectives VIEW VIEW
Factors influencing Pricing VIEW
Methods of Pricing VIEW
Physical Distribution: Meaning VIEW
Factors affecting Channel Selection VIEW
Types of Marketing Channels VIEW
Promotion: Meaning and Significance of Promotion VIEW
Personnel Selling and Advertising VIEW


Unit 4 Marketing Segmentation and Behaviour {Book}
Marketing Segmentation: Meaning and Definition VIEW
Bases for Market Segmentation VIEW
Requisites for sound Market Segmentation VIEW
Consumer Behaviour VIEW VIEW
Factors influencing Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Buying Decision Process VIEW


Unit 5 Recent Trends in Marketing {Book}
Introduction to e-business VIEW
Tele-marketing VIEW
M-Business VIEW
Green and Grey Marketing VIEW
Brown marketing VIEW
Digital Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages VIEW
Relationship Marketing VIEW VIEW
Retailing VIEW
Virtual Marketing VIEW
Event Management VIEW
Viral Marketing VIEW
Reverse Marketing VIEW