Types of Computer Based Information System

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Information is one main resource factor that is available to the manager. As the business market is becoming more complex nowadays and also the computer has improved its capabilities, the information should be managed properly.

Initially, the first major computer application was the processing of accounting data. After sometime, the four system also included this computer application, they were management information system, decision support system, the virtual office and knowledge based system. All of these application composed the computer based information systems.


  1. Accounting information system

Accounting information system performs the firm accounting application. It is a data oriented application, so it should produce some information. A firm data processing  tasks  are performed  by it that  collects   data describing  the firm  activities  converts the data into  information  and makes the  information available  to users both  inside  and outside the firm.

Advantage of accounting information system

  • Adheres to relatively standardized methods
  • Handles detailed data
  • Has a good historical focus
  1. Management Information System

System management information is a combination of the various information systems. It makes information available with similar needs to the user needs. An MIS deals with the information that can be collected regularly and systematically according to the predefined rules. To do the tasks, such systems should operate in the real time, so they can process the information as early as received.

Advantage of Management Information System

  • It can handle inquiries and towards result oriented.
  • It is suitable for analysis.
  • It helps to build the decisions and for the basis of management activities like planning controlling etc.
  1. Decision support system

Decision support system enhances the capabilities of MIS. The origin of the terms. Decision forces on the  decision  making  in problem  solving  support requires computer aided decisions with enough  structure and system integrate all the  subsystems and suggesting  a combined man  machine  and decision  environment.

Advantage of Decision support system

  • Better decisions are taken
  • Only one manager is required
  • It saves the cost and time
  1. Virtual Office

In virtual office  the  office work  can be done  virtually at any  geographical area as long  as the work site is linked  to one  or more  of the  firms fixed areas by some type of electronic communication  capability.

 Advantage of Virtual Office

  • Reduced equipment and facility cost
  • Formal communication work
  • Social contribution
  • Reduced work stoppages
  1. Knowledge Based System

The CBIS subsystem which is attracting the greatest attention from computer scientists and information specialists is knowledge based system a subset of artificial intelligence or AI.

A popular form of knowledge based system is the expert system. It is the activity of providing such machines as computer with the ability to display behaviour that would be regarded as intelligent of it were observed in humans.

Advantage of Knowledge Based System

  • Improved output and expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Output is selected with the opinion of many experts.
  • Effective manipulation of large knowledge base.