Reasons for transfer, Types of transfer

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Transfer is a type of mobility of employees which involves a change in the job, accompanied by a change in the place of the job, without a change in responsibilities or remuneration.

A transfer is a horizontal or lateral movement of an employee from one job, section, department, shift, plant or position to another at the same or another place where his salary, status and responsibility are the same.

Reasons for transfer

  • To avoid gaining capacity of influencing and egocentrism.
  • To avoid monotony in the work of an employee.
  • To avoid favouritism and nepotism.
  • Makes an employee accountable to his seat, so as not to find mistake by his successor.
  • So as to avoid excess dependency on particular employee, otherwise may affect the purpose of hierarchy and lose control over subordinates.
  • It limits taking advantage and sole control over the seat or section.
  • To avoid unnecessary influence on others for their own advantage.
  • To make conversant of different seats work.
  • To create transparency among the employees and their work.
  • To maintain healthy relationship in between all the staff members to retain harmonious environment to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Types of transfer

 (i) Production Transfer:

Transfers caused due to changes in production.

(ii) Replacement Transfer:

Transfers caused due to initiation/replacement of a long standing employee in the same job.

(iii) Rotation Transfers:

Transfer initiated to increase the versatility of employees.

(iv) Shift Transfer:

Transfer of an employee from one shift to another.

(v) Penal Transfer:

Transfers initiated as a punishment to in disciplinary action of employees.

(vi) Remedial Transfer:

Transfers initiated to correct the wrong placements.

Drawbacks from employee transfers

Inauguration point of view, transfer of employees will definitely benefit organisation and also keeps away disturbances and misunderstandings in between employees. However, there are a few drawbacks out of employee transfers that effect individuals or employees. Below listed are a few drawbacks due to employee transfers.

  • Family members of employee who got transferred maybe psychologically disturbed because they have to shift their entire family to new location for which it may take time to get accustomed to new place.
  • Employees who are having attachment with the organisation and their morale maybe disturbed due to transfer to some other location.
  • Definitely, employee transfer will financially cost to him by way of shifting of his households and furniture in transportation.
  • In case of your employees, employee transfer may lead to resignation for the reason he may not willing to leave current location if that location is his native place.