Products and Services of MSME

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According to provisions of MSMED Act 2006, businesses which can come under the purview of the Act are based on their definition and categorization under either Manufacturing Enterprises or Service Enterprises; and the registration policy relevant to Central government and State governments.

Manufacturing Enterprises

  • Engage in the manufacture and production of goods
  • Defined with relevance to investment in plant and machinery
  • Examples include energy-efficient pumps, engineering and fabrication, auto part components etc.

Service enterprises

  • Engage for providing of services and defined in
  • Defined with relevance to investment in equipment
  • Examples include servicing for agricultural farm equipment, IT service provider etc.

List of MSME Businesses

  • Leather products.
  • Moulding: This includes products like combs, umbrella frames, plastic toys, etc
  • Natural Fragrance and Flavours.
  • Placement and Management Consultancy Services.
  • Training and Educational Institute.
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • Beauty Parlour and crèches.
  • Auto repair services and garages.
  • X-Ray Clinics.
  • Equipment Rental & Leasing.
  • Photographic lab.
  • Servicing of Agricultural Farm Equipment. This includes tractor, pump repairing, ring boring machine.
  • Back Office Operation Relating to Computerised Data.
  • STD/ISD booths.
  • Retail Trade with low Capital.
  • Multi Channels Dish cable T.V. with Dish Antenna.
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning.
  • Toughened Metallic Ware.
  • Automotive Electronic Component products.
  • Electronic Surveillance and Security.
  • Mechanical Engineering Excluding Transport Equipment. This is inclusive of steel almirahs, cocks, and valves, wire cutters, etc.
  • Engineering and Fabrication.
  • Recorders, VCRs, Radios, Transformer, Motors, Watches.
  • Micronutrients For Plants.
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Ayurvedic Products.
  • Khadi Products and Hosiery Products.
  • Handicraft activities like Spinning, Weaving, Artisans.
  • Printing and other products made of paper.
  • Coir Industry.
  • Furniture and wood products.
  • Poultry Farm.
  • Bicycle parts.
  • Stationery Items.
  • Call centre.
  • Rubber Products.
  • IT Solution Provider. Services include creating a server bank, application service provider, smart card customization, service provider, etc.
  • Testing Labs for industries.
  • Auto Parts Components. Which includes horn buttons, door channels, wiper blade components, battery cell tester.
  • Ceramics and glass products include roofing tiles, glass flooring tiles, granite, etc.
  • Retail and wholesale business


    Healthcare and hospitality

    IT Service Provider