Causes Leading to Organizational Conflicts

20/04/2020 1 By indiafreenotes

Everything you need to know about the causes of organizational conflict. Conflict is a psychological state of mind when people are in a state of dilemma whether to do or not to do a thing.

In organizational conflict, it may imply difference of opinion with persons or groups and sometimes they manage to show down and slow down other and plan strategies for that.

Conflict is an essential fact of organizational life. In fact, the very nature of an organization guarantees the emergence of conflict.

Firstly, organizations consist of people with divergent personalities, perceptions, and values. Secondly, these people are put on jobs with contrasting features that impart unequal degrees of status and frequently foster competition.

Some of the causes of organizational conflicts are:

  1. Inter-Relation-Dependence of Departments

In a business organization various activities / functions are divided into various departments. There is a specialization work and there is inter relationship and interdependency of department, the departmental executives have to interact and communicate each other on variety of matters for the attainment of organizational objectives.

During this process there are the chances of difference of opinion, disagree on some matters, clashes friction and all this ultimately resulted into the conflicts which harmful to the organization.

  1. Due to Scarcity or Limited Resources

Wherever the resources are limited every departmental head trying to get maximum resources their respective departments and this may give rise to conflict. Moreover if there is unequal distribution of resources, conflict may be arisen. Even if there is any error is made distribution of resources indifferent operative areas may give rise to organizational conflict.

  1. Ambiguous Objectives and Goals

If the organizational objectives and goals are not clear cut and easily understandable conflict may arise and obstruct the smooth flow of work.

  1. Individual Difference

Very individual is differ from the other individual. Every employee possess a different personality traits and characteristic or features. This ultimately resulted in behaviour, conduct and attitude of the employees and may give rise to organizational conflict. Individual differences is one of the main causes of the conflict.

  1. Absence of Time Management

For smooth running of organization and timely attainment of objectives, makes the organization profitable. If proper schedules are maintained for various activities the developmental executives may try to shift their responsibilities on one another and start blaming one another it gives rise to conflicts among departments.

  1. Lack of Accurate Forecasting of Eventualities

In modern times changes are taking place very fast in and around the business concern. The environment changes are indispensable and unavoidable in the world. If there is lack of accurate predictions of coming eventualities may give rise to conflicts in the organization. The adverse effects these eventualities creates, problems tension, clashes, friction, and conflicts among the people working in an organization.

  1. Employees Dissatisfaction

The employees may be dissatisfied due to number of reasons such as wrong placement, no promotion, poor wages and salaries, lack of leadership and motivation, demotion, transfer, changes in duties or responsibilities, unhealthy working conditions, lack of welfare facilities etc. Such conditions depressed the employers. The stress, strain, tension, depression, frustration will be found among the employees at work place causes conflicts for other organizations.

  1. Poorly Defined Responsibilities, Authority and Role

If the duties, responsibilities and authority of the employee is poorly defined, chaos and disorder may occur in the organization. If the role of the employee is also not clear, the role conflict is likely to occur.

  1. Undesirable Demands of Trade Union / Workers

One of the leading causes of organizational conflict is undesirable, unjustifiable demands of organizational conflict between the management and workers.

  1. Lack of Communication

If there is no proper communication between the employees definitely it gives rise to conflict among the employees. In the absence of proper communication network, misunderstanding, confusion doubts may be created in the mind of the employees which ultimately resulted into organizational conflicts.

  1. Poorly Defined System of Payment

The poorly defined system of wage and salary payment is one of the leading cause of conflicts among the employees at workplace.

  1. Lack of Discipline and Rules and Regulation

If there is no code of discipline, and formal rules and regulation for leaves, promotion, transfer, training, demotion, holidays may give the scope for chaos and disorder, irregularities, indiscipline among the employees which give rise to organizational conflict.

  1. Faulty Performance Appraisal and Reward System

If there is faulty or defective performance appraisal and reward system is adopted, it definitely give rise to conflict among the employees and management.

  1. Poor, Imbalanced Authority / Power Distribution

Whenever there is imbalance between authority and responsibility of the executives as well as employees give rise to conflicts. Moreover if there is authority hierarchy is not properly maintained there are chances of conflicts. The executives who gets more power may misuse it and conflicting situations may be arise.