5C’s of event

01/04/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

Event management and event planning requires a few skills for success. Qualities such as attention to detail, creativity, patience and strategic thinking all come in to play at multiple points throughout the process. Therefore, it’s important to approach event management with a solid plan that helps you navigate the (sometimes) rocky road and emerge out of the other side relatively unscathed, bathed in the glory of a successful event.

Conceptualization: It is a first step in vent planning. in this phase, there are five important question one should ask- WHO are the people involved in this event?

    WHEN is the vent taking place?

    WHERE is the event happening?

    WHAT exactly is the event all about?

    WHY is the event taking place?

Cost: to prepare a budget for an event we have to keep in mind the cost limit set by the client. It is very important to know about the funds available and the expenses for the event.

Canvassing: To inform the guest about the event so they can make their schedule free to participate in the event. Canvassing in event management also include sponsorship, raising funds and advertisements.

Customizing: In customizing, the main focus is on the clients request and organised an event which matches their requirement.

Carrying out: In this phase, we have to execute an entire plan. It brings all planning into action. This plan is re-evaluated according to the client requirements, budgets limit and external conditions before the plan is completed.