Differences between Training and Induction

26/08/2022 0 By indiafreenotes

Job Specific training

Job-specific training ensures that employees safely undertake their job. Such training, therefore, is a form of skill training and is often best done “on the job”’ sometimes known as ‘toolbox training.’ Details of the safe work system or, in more hazardous jobs, a permit to work system should be covered. In addition to normal safety procedures, emergency procedures and the correct use of PPE also need to be included. The results of risk assessments are very useful in developing this type of training. It is important that any common causes of human errors (e.g., discovered as a result of an accident investigation), any standard safety checks or maintenance requirements are addressed.

Induction Training

Induction training is an essential part of bringing a new employee into your organization. It’s the first step in immersing them into the company culture, helping them make friends, develop a support network, and feel like they belong in their workplace.

When you do induction training right, they will be excited to come to work every day. They will be eager to learn more, and won’t mind sticking around long hours when needed. They’ll also have a strong sense of loyalty to your organization and won’t jump ship.