John Kao’s Model on Entrepreneurship

31/10/2022 1 By indiafreenotes

John Kao has developed a conceptual model of entrepreneurship in his article: Entrepreneurship, creativity and organisation in 1989.

This model has four main aspects:

  1. Entrepreneurial Personality: The overall success of a new venture largely depends upon the skill, qualities, traits and determination of the entrepreneur.
  2. Entrepreneurial Task: It is a role played by entrepreneur in an enterprise. The major task of the entrepreneur is to recognize and exploit opportunities.
  3. Entrepreneurial Environment: It involves the availability of resources, infrastructure, competitive pressures, social values, rules and regulations, stage of technology etc.
  4. Organisational Context: It is the immediate setting in which creative and entrepreneurial work takes place. It involves the structure, rules, policies, culture, human resource system, communication system.