Yield Method of Shares

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Yield is the effective rate of return on investments which is invested by the investors. It is always expressed in terms of percentage. Since the valuation of shares is made on the basis of Yield, it is called Yield-Basis Method. For example, an investor purchases one share of Rs. 100 (face value and paid-up value) at Rs. 150 from a Stock Exchange on which he receives a return (dividend) @ 20%.

Yield = (Normal Profit/Capital Employed) * 100

Under Yield-Basis method, valuation of shares is made on;

(i) Profit Basis

(ii) Dividend Basis

(i) Profit Basis:

Under this method, at first, profit should be ascertained on the basis of past average profit; thereafter, capitalized value of profit is to be determined on the basis of normal rate of return, and, the same (capitalized value of profit) is divided by the number of shares in order to find out the value of each share.

(ii) Dividend Basis:

Valuation of shares may be made either (a) on the basis of total amount of dividend, or (b) on the basis of percentage or rate of dividend:

Whether Profit Basis or Dividend Basis method is followed for ascertaining the value of shares depends on the shares that are held by the respective shareholders. In other words, the shareholders holding minimum number of shares (i.e., minority holding) may determine the value of his shares on dividend basis since he has to satisfy himself having the rate of dividend which is recommended by the Board of Directors, i.e., he has no such power to control the affairs of the company.

On the contrary, the shareholders holding maximum number of shares (i.e., majority holding) has got more controlling rights over the affairs of the company including the recommendation for the rate of divided among others. Under the circumstances, valuation of shares should be made on profit basis. In short, Profit Basis should be followed in the case of Majority Holding, and Dividend Basis should be followed in the case of Minority Holding.

The same principle may be represented in the following form:


Yield-Basis Method may also be termed as:

Market Value Method; Profit Basis/Income Basis Method;

Earning Capacity Method etc.