Safeguard Data Automated Backup and Recovery

26/12/2021 0 By indiafreenotes

Automated Backup

This feature allows the user to safeguard his company data. The Automated Backup or Auto Backup is a capability that automatically takes data backup in the background without any disturbance or affecting your work.

Auto Backup can be carried out by executing the following steps:

Go to Company Creation/Alteration screen of the required company.

Set Yes to Enable Auto Backup as shown:

  • Save the Company Creation/Alteration screen.

The data backup is stored in the data folder of the respective company.

E.g.: A company titled ABC Company has a folder 10009 located in C:\Tally.ERP9\Data. On enabling Auto Backup feature the backup file ABK.900 is created in C:\Tally.EPR9\Data\10009

Restoring Auto Backup Data

To restore the auto backup taken execute the following steps:

From the Gateway of Tally

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + K.
  • Restore Company on Disk screen appears.
  • The Source field displays the data path of the company under Select Auto Backup to Restore screen. Press Enter.
  • The List of Auto Backup(s) will list all the companies enabled for Auto Backup.
  • Select the required company and press Enter.

  • The List of Auto Backup Versions screen appears listing the backup versions.

  • Select the required version from the list and press Enter.
  • The selected version of data backup is restored to the respective company folder.
  • The auto backup utility prompts the user to overwrite the existing company.
  • Press Y or click Yes to proceed with restoring the data.
  • Press Alt + F1 to Shut the existing company.
  • Select the restored company.