MK5.5 Consumer Behaviour & Market Research

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Unit 1 Introduction to Consumer Behaviour [Book]  
Introduction to Consumer Behaviour; Definition of Consumer behavior, Consumer and Customer VIEW
Buyers and Users: A Managerial & Consumer perspective VIEW
Need to study Consumer Behaviour VIEW VIEW VIEW
Applications of Consumer behaviour knowledge VIEW
Current trends in Consumer Behaviour VIEW
Market Segmentation & Consumer behaviour VIEW VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Online Buying Consumer Behaviour [Book]  
Introduction to Online Buying Behaviour VIEW
Meaning and Definition of Online Buying Behaviour VIEW
Reasons for Buying Through Online Channel VIEW
Consumer Decision making Process towards Online shopping VIEW
Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Consumer Satisfaction & Consumerism [Book]  
Concept of Consumer Satisfaction VIEW
Working towards enhancing Consumer satisfaction VIEW
Sources of Consumer Dissatisfaction VIEW
Dealing with Consumer complaint VIEW VIEW
Concept of Consumerism VIEW
Consumerism in India; The Indian consumer VIEW
Reasons for growth of consumerism in India VIEW
Consumer protection Act 1986 VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Marketing Research Dynamics [Book]  
Introduction, Meaning of Research, Research Characteristics VIEW
Various Types of Research VIEW
Marketing Research and its Management VIEW
Nature and Scope of Marketing Research VIEW
Marketing Research in the 21st Century (Indian Scenario) VIEW
Marketing Research: Value and Cost of Information VIEW


Unit 5 Methods of Data Collection and Research Process [Book]  
Methods of Data Collection VIEW VIEW
Introduction, Meaning and Nature of Secondary Data VIEW
Advantages of Secondary Data, Drawbacks of Secondary Data VIEW
Types of Secondary Data, Primary Data and its Types VIEW
Research Process: An Overview VIEW
Formulation of a Problem VIEW VIEW
Research Methods VIEW VIEW
Research Design VIEW VIEW
Data Collection Methods VIEW VIEW
Sample Design VIEW VIEW
Data Collection VIEW VIEW
Data Analysis VIEW VIEW
Data Interpretation VIEW
Report Writing VIEW VIEW