MK5.6 Advertising & Media Management

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Unit 1 Introduction & Basic Concepts [Book]
History of Advertising VIEW
Advertising purpose VIEW
**Advertising functions VIEW
**Advertising Importance, Scope VIEW VIEW
**Advertising Features, benefit VIEW
Economic, Social & Ethical aspects of advertising VIEW
Advertising & the Marketing mix. VIEW VIEW
Advertising as a communication process VIEW
Types of Advertising VIEW
Major Institutions of advertising management VIEW


Unit 2 Advertising and Campaign Planning [Book]
Marketing Strategy VIEW
Situation analysis VIEW
Advertising plan VIEW VIEW
Advertising Objectives VIEW
DAGMAR approach VIEW
Advertising Strategy VIEW
Advertising Campaign VIEW
Advertising planning process VIEW


Unit 3 Creative Strategy & Advertising Budget [Book]
Creative approaches VIEW
The art of copywriting VIEW
Advertising copy testing VIEW
Creativity in Advertising communication VIEW
Motivational Approaches & Appeals VIEW
Advertising Budget process VIEW VIEW
Methods of determining advertising Appropriation VIEW


Unit 4 Advertising Media Strategy [Book]
Role of media, Types of Media, Their Advantages and Disadvantages VIEW
Media Research VIEW
Media Advertising Decisions VIEW
Media Planning VIEW VIEW
Media Selection VIEW
Media Scheduling VIEW VIEW
Media Strategies VIEW


Unit 5 Advertising Effectiveness & Organizing Advertising Functions [Book]
Methods of measuring advertising effectiveness VIEW VIEW
Advertising Research VIEW
Structure & Functions of an advertising agency VIEW VIEW
Selection of advertising agency VIEW
Co-ordination of advertising agency VIEW
Advertising regulations VIEW
Internet advertising VIEW VIEW