Reasons for Buying Through Online Channel

01/09/2022 0 By indiafreenotes

Online shopping is being popular among all age groups. There is exponential growth in this kind of market. More online stores are opening, and competition is also becoming higher to sell products. But online marketplaces are building trust and giving convenient opportunities to their buyers. Shopaholics are smarter; they search and compare products before making the final payment. Some people still have fear and don’t like to buy products online, but others are frequent buyers. Over many disadvantages, people are becoming aware of the importance of online shopping, primarily due to the Covid-19 emergency we are facing. Here we are discussing the reasons why online shopping is better.

A recent study of users who have bought products on the Web has three important findings with implications for Web design:

  • Convenience and ease of use are the main reasons people buy at websites
  • Shoppers only buy 5% of the time they visit e-commerce sites: facilitate product research, cross-shopping, and other non-buying tasks that account for 95% of visits if you want to turn people into loyal users
  • E-commerce is going international, with many users buying from foreign sites (this latter conclusion is less true for American customers who mainly buy from domestic sites, but it has profound implications for American vendors who can sell a lot overseas if they bother to serve international customers).

Huge Selection and Variety of Products

Physical stores have limited stock. They only keep those things which are common and most selling. There are many different reasons which affect the availability of other products. The local retailer also tries to sell their limited stock. While online shopping showcase variety from their stock and various stores. 63% of shoppers shop online because you can browse and select products as per your choice and latest trend. You can even buy used products online. Another reason why online shopping is trending is that you will easily find various products on a single platform.

Ease of Buying Attracts Customers

Respondents were asked to list the five most important reasons to shop on the Web. Even though low prices definitely do attract customers, pricing was only the third-most important issue for respondents. Most of the answers were related to making it easy, pleasant, and efficient to buy.

Better Prices with Coupons/Discounts

The purpose of online shopping is not only the availability of a wide range of different products. But they offer a lower price as well. That’s the one reason why do people shop online. There are several options available to compare prices from different stores. Believe nothing problematic at lower prices. E-Retailers only reduce their profit margin to attract customers. They understand the weakness of buyers. Occasionally e-retailers offer discounts on different products and best deals to increase their sale among competitors.

Apart from a retailer’s direct discount, you may use exclusive coupon codes and deals available on coupon sites. For example, Amazon are giants in e-retailing, and most of us buy from this site due to trust and secure transactions. Around 41% of shoppers shop online because of this advantage they get.

Less Stressful

Shopping online significantly saves one of a lot of stress. When you are online, there is no fear of bumping into a crowd or having to join a long queue before you purchase whatever you want to buy. This is so different from going to the supermarket to buy things, most times, you have to get on a queue just to make payment and this can be stressful.

Some locations of some supermarkets are also in top cities where there are many people and each time someone goes out to get things to buy, the road can be very crowded and sometimes one can even be robbed if one is not careful.

No Sales Pressure in Online Shopping

When you visit physical stores, the floor assistants try to lure you into buying more items. Sometimes we go inside the store to buy one thing but return home with additional three or four items, which we later realize are of no use. If the product is not available in your favorite color, then the floor assistant may also convince you for a different color to increase store sales. The purpose of online shopping is to remove this pressure from the customer and make shopping easy. Sometimes when you enter a store, you don’t want to leave it without buying anything. It happens to most of us due to different psychological reasons. These activities and behaviors feel like a pressure to buy unwanted items, and shoppers must not feel so while visiting or leaving a shop. It is why online shopping is preferred by around 39% of shoppers.

Easier to Return Goods and Cancel Orders

Before making your purchase there is the option where you can read up the reviews given by other buyers that have used the product. Reviews go a long way in dictating the way a particular product works, and it can help you select which one fits best for the purpose you desire it to be used for.