FN5.6 Strategic Financial management

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Unit 1 Strategic Decision-Making Framework [Book]  
Meaning of strategy, Strategic management VIEW VIEW
Linking financial strategy with corporate strategy VIEW
Strategic Decision Making Framework VIEW
Strategic Financial Management, Dynamics of Strategic Financial Management VIEW
Issues in Strategic Financial Management VIEW


Unit 2 Project Management from Financial Perspective [Book]  
Meaning of Project and Project management VIEW VIEW
Project Management from financial perspective VIEW
Product Life Cycle & Financial impact VIEW VIEW
Development of project reports, contents thereof VIEW VIEW
Sourcing of funds for a project VIEW VIEW
Traditional and alternative modes: VIEW VIEW
Private Equity VIEW
Hedge Fund VIEW
Venture Capital VIEW
Crowd source funding VIEW
Non Financial Institutional Funding VIEW
Corporate Finance needs for SME VIEW
Foreign Exchange Management VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Corporate Valuation [Book]  
Corporate Valuation, Dynamics of Valuation VIEW
Approaches to Corporate Valuation VIEW
Discounted Cash Flow Approach: VIEW
Adjusted Book Value Approach VIEW
Comparable Company Approach VIEW
Capitalized Earning Approach: VIEW
Cost to Create Approach VIEW
Excess Earning Approach VIEW
Valuing specific intangible approach IPR, Brand, Human Capital VIEW
Concept of Economic Value Added VIEW
Concept of Realizable Value & Replacement Value VIEW


Unit 4 Management of Interest Rate Exposure [Book]  
Nature and Measurement of Interest Rate Exposure VIEW VIEW
Forward Rate Agreements (FRAS) VIEW
Interest Rate Options VIEW
Interest Rate Caps, Floors and Collars VIEW
Valuation of Interest Rate Options VIEW
Options on Interest Rate Futures VIEW VIEW
Interest Rate Swaps VIEW


Unit 5 Corporate Governance & Risk Management [Book]  
Corporate Governance VIEW VIEW
Risk Management VIEW VIEW
Fundamentals of Corporate Governance VIEW
Governance Model VIEW
Roles of Audit Committees VIEW VIEW
Internal Control VIEW VIEW
Internal Audit VIEW
External Auditor VIEW
Linkages between Governance, Risk Management & Audit VIEW