Meaning of Open Promotion, Closed Promotion and Dry Promotion Systems

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Promotion becomes a delicate problem not in the matter of selection of the right incumbent for the right job, but it poses a constant challenge to executives at all levels and impels them to chalk out a well thought-out programme by which the best and the most capable individuals may find an opportunity to go up to the top.

The procedure for promotion, therefore, starts right at the bottom from the shop-floor and ends with the managing director of a company.

All promotions should be on a trial basis (from 6 months to one year) for if the promoted person is not found capable of handling his job, he may be reverted to his former post and former pay scale.

Promotion may be temporary or permanent, depending up on the needs of an organisation, an employee is promoted.

Open and Closed Promotion:

Open Promotion is a situation where in every individual of an organization is eligible for the position. Closed Promotion is a situation wherein only selected team members are eligible for a promotion.

Dry Promotion Systems

When promotion is made without increase in salary, it is called ‘dry promotion’. For example, a lower level manager is promoted to senior level manager without increase in salary or pay. Such promotion is made either there is resource/fund crunch in the organisation or some employees hanker more for status or authority than money.

Horizontal promotion:

When an employee is shifted in the same category, it is called ‘horizontal promotion’. A junior clerk promoted to senior clerk is such an example. It is important to note that such promotion may take place when an employee shifts within the same department, from one department to other or from one plant to another plant.

Vertical Promotion:

This is the kind of promotion when an employee is promoted from a lower category to lower category involving increase in salary, status, authority and responsibility. Generally, promotion means ‘vertical promotion’.


The following are the purposes or objectives of promotion:

  1. To recognize an employee’s skill and knowledge and utilize it to improve the organisational effectiveness.
  2. To reward and motivate employees to higher productivity.
  3. To develop competitive spirit and inculcate the zeal in the employees to acquire skill, knowledge etc.
  4. To promote employees satisfaction and boost their morale.
  5. To build loyalty among the employees toward organisation.
  6. To promote good human relations.