Business Laws LU BBA 5th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Indian Contract Act 1872 [Book]
The Indian Contract Act 1872: Scope of the Act VIEW
Essential of A Valid Contract, Agreement VIEW
Performance of Contracts VIEW
Breach of Contract VIEW
Remedies of Breach of Contract VIEW
Quasi-Contracts VIEW
Contract of indemnity and Guarantee: Meaning and its Distinction VIEW
Rights and Duties of indemnifier VIEW
Indemnified and Surety, Discharge of surety’s liability VIEW
Bailment and Pledge: meaning and distinction VIEW
Rights and Duties of Bailor and Bailee, Pawnor and Pawnee VIEW
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Offer VIEW
Acceptance VIEW
Communication of offer VIEW
Acceptance & Revocation VIEW
Capacity of contract, Free concert: Coercion, Duress & undue influence, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Mistake VIEW
Legality of object VIEW
Contingent Contract VIEW


Unit 2 Sale of Good Act, 1930 [Book]
The Sale of Good Act, 1930 VIEW
Formation of Contract VIEW
Conditions & Warranties VIEW
Rights of an Unpaid Seller VIEW
Performance of the Contract of Sale, Caveat empetor VIEW
Ownership of goods and transfer VIEW
Buyers right VIEW
Unpaid seller and his rights VIEW


Unit 3 Partnership Act 1932 [Book]
Law of Partnership VIEW
Partnership distinguished from similar organization VIEW
Types of partner, Liability of partner VIEW
Duties of partner VIEW
Dissolution of partnership VIEW
Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 Definition, Features, Assumptions VIEW
Promissory Notes, Bill of Exchange, Cheque VIEW
Payments in new courts VIEW
Conditions when bankers must refuse payments VIEW
Negotiations, indorsement VIEW
Holder-in-Due Course VIEW
Dishonour and Discharge of Negotiable Instrument VIEW
Endorsements VIEW
Kinds of bills: Their expectancies, Presentment, Dishonour, Compensation VIEW
Hundies & their Kinds VIEW


Unit 4 The Companies Act, 1956 [Book]
The Companies Act, 1956 Nature VIEW
Type of Companies VIEW
Formation of Companies VIEW
Memorandum of Association VIEW
Articles of Association VIEW
Prospectus VIEW VIEW
Share capital VIEW VIEW
Membership VIEW
Winding-Up VIEW VIEW