Financial Institutions LU BBA 5th Semester NEP Notes

25th January 2022 1 By indiafreenotes
Unit 1 Introduction to Financial Institutions [Book]
Introduction to Financial Institutions VIEW
Financial System VIEW
Classification of Financial Institutions VIEW VIEW
Nature and Role of Financial institutions VIEW
Functions of Financial Institutions VIEW


Unit 2 Regulatory Structure of Financial Institutions [Book]
Regulatory Structure of Financial Institutions VIEW
SEBI Powers, Role and Functions VIEW
RBI Powers, Role and Functions VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Commercial Banks [Book]
Management of Commercial Banks VIEW
Objectives, Functions of Commercial Banks VIEW
Organizational setup of Commercial Banks VIEW
Management of Deposits of Commercial Banks VIEW
Mobilization of Funds of Commercial Banks VIEW
Management of Cash position & Liquidity VIEW VIEW
Nature & Functions of Primary & Secondary Reserves, Considerations influencing reserves VIEW
Management of loan, Advance & other investments Management of income, Prudential norms VIEW
Asset-Liability Management in Commercial Banks VIEW


Unit 4 Management of Non-Banking Financial Institutions [Book]
Concept, Objectives, Nature, Function NBFI VIEW VIEW
Promotional role of NBFI, Management of fund VIEW
Changing role of NBFI in present environment VIEW
Policies & practices regarding mobilization & Management of funds in NBFCs, their performance VIEW
Types & Functions of Mutual funds, Their Legal & Accounting aspects VIEW
Investment & marketing Strategies of mutual funds VIEW VIEW
Performance review of Mutual funds currently in India VIEW