Business Research Methodology

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Unit 1 Introduction to Research {Book}

Research: Meaning, Characteristics, Objectives VIEW
Research Scope, Significance VIEW
Types of Research VIEW VIEW VIEW
Research Method Vs Research Methodology VIEW
Research Design VIEW
Review of Literature and its Significance VIEW
Problem Formulation VIEW
Sources of problem formulation VIEW
Ethics in Research VIEW
Plagiarism in research, Measures to overcome Plagiarism VIEW
Research Design, Types of Research design VIEW
Steps involved in designing research design VIEW
Types of Variables in relation to research design VIEW
Unit 2 Sampling Methods and Hypothesis {Book}
Sampling Methods VIEW VIEW
Probability Sampling VIEW
Non-Probability Sampling VIEW
Sampling errors VIEW
Confidence interval, Level of Significance VIEW
Hypothesis, Significance VIEW
Testing of hypothesis VIEW
Types of hypotheses VIEW
Steps involved in hypothesis VIEW
Formulation of hypothesis VIEW
Errors in hypothesis VIEW
Unit 3 Tools for Collection of Data {Book}
Data and its types in research VIEW
Sources of Data collection, Primary and secondary VIEW
Questionnaire Design VIEW
Schedules Interview VIEW
Observation VIEW VIEW VIEW
Survey methods VIEW VIEW
Scaling measurement techniques: Nominal Scale, Ordinal Scale, Interval Scale, Rating Scale VIEW
Unit 4 Data Analysis {Book}
Classification of data VIEW VIEW VIEW
Tabulation of data VIEW
Analysis of data Steps involved in analysis of data VIEW
Descriptive Statistics VIEW
Parametric and Non-parametric tests applicability VIEW
Non-Parametric tests applicability VIEW
Presentation of Data through charts:
*Pie-Chart VIEW
*Frequency curve VIEW
*Frequency Distribution VIEW
*Ogives VIEW
*Frequency Polygon VIEW
*Bar Diagram VIEW
Unit 5 Report Writing {Book}
Report Writing VIEW
Reports and its Types, Bibliography VIEW
Format of Research report VIEW
Report writing Principles VIEW
Steps in report writing VIEW
Reference importance and writing style VIEW