Mechanical observations

30/01/2021 1 By indiafreenotes

Human observation is self-explanatory, using human observers to collect data in the study. Mechanical observation involves using various types of machines to collect the data, which is then interpreted by researchers. With continuing improvements in technology, there are many “mechanical” ways of capturing data in observation studies, however, these new “gadgets” tend to be extremely expensive. The most commonly used and least expensive means of mechanically gathering data in an observation study is a video camera. A video camera offers a much more precise means of collecting data than what can simply be recorded by a human observer.

A number of imaginative methods of mechanical observation and device for making such observations have been developed. One of the most widely known devices of this type is the audiometer, a device used by the A C Nielsen Company to record when radio and television sets are turned on and the stations to which they are tuned. The newest generations of this system uses the Storage Instantaneous Audi-meter. This device automatically stores in electronic memory data on television stations tuned in. Nielsen has a central computer that dials these memories on the telephone twice a day and collects the information from them.

a) Voice pitch meters: measures emotional reactions.

b) Electronic checkout scanners: records purchase behavior.

c) Eye-tracking analysis: while subjects watch the advertisement.