Quantitative Analysis for Business Decision

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Unit 1 Introduction to Statistics {Book}
Statistics: Meaning and Definition, Functions, Scope, Limitations VIEW
Important terminologies in Statistics: Data, Raw Data, Primary Data, Secondary Data, Population, Census, Survey, Sample Survey, Sampling, Parameter, Unit, Variable, Attribute, Frequency VIEW
Seriation: Individual, discrete and continuous VIEW
Classification of Data VIEW
Perquisites of Good Classification of Data VIEW
Types of Classification Quantitative and Qualitative Classification of Data VIEW


Unit 2 Classification and Tabulation of Data {Book}
Types of Presentation of Data Textual Presentation, VIEW
Tabular Presentation VIEW
One-way Table, Two-way Table VIEW
Important terminologies Variable, Quantitative Variable, Qualitative Variable, Discrete Variable, Continuous Variable, Dependent Variable, Independent Variable, Frequency, Class Interval, Tally Bar VIEW
Diagrammatic and Graphical Presentation, Rules for Construction of Diagrams and Graphs VIEW
Types of Diagrams One Dimensional-Simple Bar Diagram, Sub-divided Bar Diagram, Multiple Bar Diagram, Percentage Bar Diagram VIEW
Two Dimensional Diagram Pie Chart VIEW
Graphs Histogram VIEW
Frequency Polygon VIEW
Ogives curve VIEW


Unit 3 Measures of Central Tendency {Book}
Meaning and Definition VIEW
Types of Averages:
Arithmetic Mean (Simple and Weighted) VIEW
Median VIEW
Graphical representation of median and mode, Ogive curve VIEW
Smoothed frequency curve VIEW


Unit 4 Measures of Dispersion and Skewness {Book}
Meaning and Objectives of Measures of Dispersion VIEW
Requisites of Good Measure of Dispersion VIEW
Types of Measures of Dispersion VIEW
Range VIEW
Quartile Deviation VIEW
Mean Deviation & Co-efficient of Variation VIEW
Standard Deviation & Co-efficient of Variation VIEW
Skewness: Meaning, Uses, Co-efficient of Skewness VIEW
Karl Pearson’s VIEW
Bowley’s Coefficient of Skewness VIEW


Unit 5 Correlation, Regression & Time Series Analysis {Book}
Meaning and Types of Correlation VIEW VIEW VIEW
Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation VIEW
Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient VIEW
Correlation Coefficient through Regression Coefficient VIEW
Meaning of Regression VIEW VIEW
Regression Lines, Regression Coefficients, Regression Equations VIEW
Meaning and Components of Time Series VIEW VIEW
Analysis of time series by Moving Average VIEW
Analysis of time series by Least Squares Method VIEW

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