Human Capital Management

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Unit 1 Human Resource Management {Book}
Human Resources Management Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics VIEW
Human Resources Management Objectives, Importance VIEW
Human Resources Management Functions VIEW
Human Resources Management Scope VIEW
Human Resources Management Process VIEW
Human Resources Management Challenges VIEW
Human Resources Management Recent Trends VIEW
Human Resources Manager Duties and Responsibilities VIEW
Paradigms for Post Modern Managers: Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics, Objectives, Importance, Functions VIEW
Process of Human Resources Development VIEW
Differences between personnel Management and Human Resources Development VIEW
Difference HRM and SHRM VIEW
Difference between HRM and IHRM VIEW


Unit 2 Human Resource Planning, Recruitment & Selection {Book}
Human Resource Planning Meaning, Importance, Benefits VIEW
Human Resource Planning Scope VIEW
Job Analysis VIEW VIEW
Job Design VIEW VIEW
Job Description VIEW
Job enrichment VIEW
Job Evaluation VIEW
Recruitment Meaning, Definitions and VIEW VIEW
Sources of Recruitment VIEW
Traditional and Modern sources of recruitment VIEW
E-recruitment, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, LinkedIn, walk in, talk in, write in, Artificial intelligence (Robots based) virtual discussion VIEW
Selection Meaning, Definitions VIEW
Process of Selection VIEW
Identification of five dark qualities in an individual before selection process of selection and Placement VIEW


Unit 3 Human Resource Practices {Book}
Induction Meaning, Definitions, Objectives and Purposes VIEW
Orientation Meaning, Definitions, Objectives and Purposes VIEW
Training Meaning, Need, Benefits and Methods VIEW VIEW
Pros and Cons of each Method of HR Training VIEW
Identification of Training & Development Needs VIEW VIEW
Human Resources Development of Managers and Employees VIEW
Performance Management System (PMS) Meaning, Definitions, Objectives VIEW
Methods of Appraising the past performance and current performance of the employee and executive VIEW VIEW
Projecting future performance of an employee VIEW
Individual employee Development VIEW VIEW
Performance appraisal and Performance Management System (PA vs PMS) VIEW


Unit 4 Compensation and Reward System {Book}
Compensation Meaning, Definitions, Objectives and Importance VIEW VIEW
Wages and Salary Perquisites VIEW
Fringe Benefits VIEW
Bonus and Incentives VIEW VIEW
Incentives in sun rise sector and sun set sector VIEW
Incentives in sun set sector VIEW
Performance based pay, VIEW
Merit-based pay, skill-based pay, and competency-based pay VIEW
Dual system of payment for the same job position VIEW
Promotion: Meaning, Definitions, Features VIEW
Methods of Promotion, Seniority vs Meritocracy VIEW


Unit 5 Employee Coaching, Counselling and Industrial Relations {Book}
Employee Coaching: Meaning, Definitions, Objectives, Types VIEW
Employee Counselling: Meaning Definitions, Objectives, Skills and Techniques VIEW
Industrial Relation: Meaning, definition VIEW
Actors in Industrial Relation VIEW