Business Statistics-1 Osmania University 3rd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
Origin and Development of Statistics, Definition, Importance and Scope, Limitations of Statistics, Distrust of Statistics VIEW
Statistical Investigation: Planning of Statistical investigation VIEW
Census and Sampling Methods VIEW
Collection of Primary and Secondary data VIEW
Statistical errors and approximation VIEW
Classification and Tabulation of data VIEW
Frequency distribution VIEW


Unit 2 Diagrammatic and Graphic Presentation {Book}
Diagrammatic presentation: One Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Diagrams VIEW
Pictograms, Cartograms VIEW
Graphic presentation: Technique of Construction of Graphs VIEW
Graphs of Frequency Distribution VIEW
Graphs of Time Series or Histograms VIEW


Unit 3 Measures of Central Tendency {Book}
Central Tendency: Introduction, Significance VIEW
Arithmetic Mean VIEW
Geometric Mean VIEW
Harmonic Mean VIEW
Median VIEW
Quartiles VIEW
Percentiles VIEW
Simple and Weighted Averages VIEW
Uses and Limitations of different Averages VIEW


Unit 4 Measures of Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis {Book}
Measures of Dispersion: Significance, Characteristics VIEW
Absolute and Relative Measures VIEW
Range VIEW
Quartile Deviation VIEW
Mean Deviation VIEW
Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation VIEW
Measures of Skewness VIEW
Karl Pearson’s, Bowley’s Coefficient of Skewness VIEW
Kelly’s measures of Skewness: VIEW
Kurtosis Mesokurtosis, Platy kurtosis and Leptokurtosis VIEW


Unit 5 Correlation {Book}
Meaning, Types, Correlation VIEW VIEW VIEW
Causation Method VIEW
Scatter Diagram VIEW
Karl Person’s Coefficient of Correlation VIEW
Probable Error VIEW
Interpretation of Coefficient of Correlation VIEW
Rank Correlation VIEW
Concurrent Deviation Method VIEW