Financial Institutions and Markets Osmania University 3rd Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Indian Financial System {Book}
Indian Financial System VIEW
Indian Financial System Components, Functions VIEW
Indian Financial System Functions VIEW
Flow of Funds Matrix VIEW
Financial System and Economic Development VIEW
Recent Developments in Indian Financial System VIEW
Weaknesses of Indian Financial System VIEW


Unit 2 Financial Institutions {Book}
Commercial Banking Types VIEW
Commercial Banking Functions VIEW
Lending by Commercial Banks VIEW VIEW VIEW
Commercial Banking Recent Developments VIEW
Merchant Banking functions VIEW VIEW
Venture Capital objectives VIEW
Private Equity, role in start-ups VIEW
Hire purchase and leasing VIEW VIEW
Non-banking Finance Companies: Types, Functions VIEW


Unit 3 Money Market {Book}
Money Market VIEW
Functions of Money Market VIEW
Organization of Money Market, Dealers, Instruments VIEW
RBI, Functions, Role of RBI in Money Market VIEW VIEW
LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility), Repo and Reverse Repo VIEW
MSF (Marginal Standing Facility) VIEW
MPC (Monetary Policy Committee): Structure and Functions VIEW


Unit 4 Debt Market {Book}
Evolution of Debt Markets in India VIEW
Money Market in India VIEW
Debt Market in India VIEW
Instruments and Players in Debt Market: Government Securities, PSU Bonds, Corporate Bonds VIEW
Securities Trading Corporation of India VIEW
Primary Dealers in Government Securities VIEW
Bonds: Types of Bonds VIEW
Features of Bonds VIEW
Bond Ratings VIEW


Unit 5 Equity Market {Book}
Equity Market Meaning VIEW VIEW
Development of Equity Culture in India VIEW
Primary Market VIEW
Methods of IPO VIEW
Role of Merchant Bankers in Fixing the Price VIEW
Red Herring VIEW
Prospectus VIEW
Sweat Equity VIEW
Rights Issue VIEW
Secondary Market VIEW
Meaning and Functions of Stock Exchanges VIEW
Evolution and Growth of Stock Exchanges VIEW
Stock Exchanges in India VIEW
Recent Developments in Indian Stock Exchanges VIEW
Stock Market Indices VIEW
SEBI: Objectives and Functions VIEW