Operations Management LU BBA 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 {Book}
Nature and Scope of Production & Operation management VIEW
The transformation process VIEW
Production analysis  and Production planning VIEW
Production functions VIEW
Objective and functions of production management VIEW
Responsibilities of the Production manager VIEW
Types of manufacturing processes VIEW
Plant layout VIEW VIEW
Plant location VIEW VIEW
Routing, Scheduling VIEW VIEW
Assembly line balancing VIEW
Production Planning and Control (PPC) VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
Facility Location Planning VIEW VIEW
Layout planning VIEW
Materials management; its scope and importance VIEW
Purchasing function and procedure VIEW
store-keeping VIEW VIEW
Material planning function VIEW
Inventory control VIEW
Relevant costs, economic lot size, reordering point, Buffer stock VIEW VIEW
ABC analysis VIEW VIEW
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Productivity definition and concept, Factors affecting productivity VIEW VIEW
Productivity measurement VIEW
Productivity improvements VIEW
New Product development and design VIEW
Stages of product development VIEW
Conjoint Analysis VIEW
Techniques of product development (standardization. Simplification and Specialization VIEW
Automation VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
Development of efficient work methods VIEW
Material flow process chart, Manflow process chart VIEW
Principles of motion economy VIEW
Comparison of alternate work methods VIEW
Maintenance of production facilities VIEW VIEW VIEW
Quality control and inspection VIEW
Cost of quality VIEW
Quality Standards ISO 9000 VIEW
Sampling inspection VIEW
Control charts for attributes and variables charts VIEW