Work Study: Method study and work measurement- Importance and Objectives

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“Work study is a generic term for those techniques, particularly method study and work measurement, which are used in all its context and which lead systematically to the investigation of all the factors, which effect the efficiency and economy of the situation being reviewed in order to effect improvement.”

The main objective of work study is to improve productivity of men, machines and materials. The aim of work study is to determine the best method of performing each operation and to eliminate wastage so that production increases with less fatigue. The work study is also used in determining the standard time that a qualified worker should take to perform the operation when working at a normal place.

Work study is a technique which deals with the following problems:

(a) As to how should a job be done, and

(b) How much time a job should take for completion.

Answer for the first question is found by Motion Study or Method Study or Work Simplification. Answer for the second question is found by the Time Study or Work Measurement.

Importance of Work Study

  1. To standardize the method of doing a work,
  2. To minimize the unit cost of production,
  3. To determine the standard time for doing a task,
  4. To minimize the material movement, and operators movement,
  5. To eliminate unnecessary human movements,
  6. To utilize facilities such as man, machine and materials most effectively, and
  7. To systematic investigation of all factors.

Objectives of Work Study

The following are the objectives of work study:

  1. Increased efficiency,
  2. Better product quality,
  3. To choose the fastest method to do a job,
  4. To improve the working process,
  5. Less fatigue to operators and workers,
  6. Effective labour control,
  7. Effective utilization of resources,
  8. To decide equipment requirements,
  9. To pay fair wages,
  10. To aid in calculating exact delivery,
  11. To formulate realistic labour budgeting, and
  12. To decide the required manpower to do a job.

Advantages of Work Study

The advantages of work study are the following:

  1. Work study ensures higher productivity,
  2. Better working conditions with less fatigue,
  3. Higher wages to workers,
  4. Uniform production flow,
  5. Job satisfaction and job security to workers,
  6. Reduction in unit cost of production,
  7. Quality products to consumers,
  8. Fast delivery schedule,
  9. Harmonious employer-employee relation, and
  10. Better service to customers.