Human Resource Management LU BBA 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Human Resource Management {Book}
Introduction to Human Resource Management VIEW
Personnel vs. Human Resource Management VIEW
Significance and Functions of HRM VIEW
Importance and Objectives of HRM VIEW
Evolution and Development of HRM VIEW
Human Resource VIEW
Planning: Process, Significance and VIEW
Planning Integration with Strategic Planning VIEW VIEW
Job Analysis: Concept and Components VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Recruitment {Book}
Recruitment: Concept, Sources VIEW VIEW
Assessment of Recruitment Techniques VIEW
Selection Concept and Procedure VIEW VIEW
Placement VIEW
Induction VIEW
Training and Development: Concept, Need, Objectives and Methods VIEW
Stages in Training Process VIEW
Job Design: Approaches and Techniques of Job Design VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Job Evaluation Concept, Objectives VIEW
Job Evaluation Methods/ Techniques VIEW
Employee Remuneration VIEW VIEW VIEW
Concept of Wage and Salary VIEW
Reward Management VIEW
Fringe Benefits and Incentive Payments VIEW
Performance Appraisal Concept, Objectives, Process and VIEW
Performance Appraisal Techniques VIEW


Unit 4 Industrial Relations {Book}
Industrial Relations Concept, Objectives VIEW
Approaches of Industrial Relations VIEW
Actors of Industrial Relations VIEW
Discipline: Disciplinary Procedure, Objectives and Aspects of Discipline VIEW
Grievance Procedure: Characteristics, Need VIEW VIEW
Trade Unionism: Concept, Functions, Objectives VIEW
Problems of Trade Unions VIEW
Collective Bargaining VIEW VIEW
Industrial Disputes VIEW VIEW