Business Statistics Bangalore University BBA 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Statistics {Book}
Introduction, Meaning, Definitions, Features, Objectives, Functions, Importance and Limitations of Statistics VIEW
Important Terminologies in Statistics: Data, Primary Data, Secondary Data, Population, Census Survey, Sample Survey, Sampling, Parameter, Unit, Variable Quantitative Variable, Qualitative Variable, Dependent Variable, Independent Variable VIEW
Series: Individual, Discrete and Continuous VIEW
Classification of Data Types VIEW
Requisites of Good Classification of Data. Frequency, Class Interval, Tally Bar VIEW
Frequency Distribution Formation (simple illustrations). VIEW


Unit 2 Tabulation and Presentation of Data  {Book}
Types of Presentation of Data, Textual Presentation VIEW
Tabular Presentation VIEW
One-way Table, Two-way Table VIEW
Diagrammatic and Graphical Presentation, Rules for Construction of Diagrams and Graphs VIEW
Types of Diagrams:
One Dimensional Simple Bar Diagram, Subdivided Bar Diagram, Multiple Bar Diagram, Percentage Bar Diagram VIEW
Two-Dimensional Diagram, Pie Chart VIEW
Graphs, Histogram VIEW
Frequency Polygon VIEW
Ogives  curve VIEW


Unit 3 Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion {Book}
Meaning, Definition, Features Requisite of ideal average VIEW
Types: Mathematical and Positional VIEW
Arithmetic Mean: Simple and weighted Average VIEW
Positional average, Related positional averages graph Location
Identification under individual and Discrete series by inspection method VIEW
Grouping table preparation VIEW
Calculation of Mode by using Relationship of mean and median, that is empirical formula VIEW
Graphical location of mode VIEW VIEW
Meaning of Measures of dispersion VIEW VIEW
Standard Deviation and their Co- efficient of variation problems on direct method only VIEW


Unit 4 Correlation and Regression Analysis {Book}
Meaning and Types of Correlation VIEW
Karl Pearson’s Coefficient of Correlation. VIEW
Spearman’s Rank Correlation, Coefficient problems including repeated rank assignment VIEW
Meaning of Regression VIEW
Regression Lines VIEW
Finding correlation coefficient using Regression Coefficients VIEW
Regression Equations and estimating the variable VIEW


Unit 5 Index Number {Book}
Meaning and Definitions, features & Classification VIEW
Methods of Construction index number VIEW
Simple, Aggregates VIEW
Simple Average of price Relatives method, Weighted index method VIEW
Fisher Ideal Index Number Test of Adequacy: Unit test, Time reversal test, Factor reversal test and circular test VIEW
Consumer Price Index number VIEW