Organisational Behaviour Bangalore University BBA 3rd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour [Book]
Meaning, Definition, Importance, Nature VIEW
Scope of Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Conceptual Models of OB VIEW
Factors affecting Organizational Behaviour VIEW
Organizational Behaviour Theories VIEW


Unit 2 Individual Behaviour [Book]
Individual Behaviour Meaning VIEW
Factors affecting individual behavior VIEW
Reasons for understanding individual behavior VIEW
Personality, Types VIEW
Determinants of Personality VIEW
Traits of Personality VIEW
Personality Theories VIEW
Learning VIEW
Types of Learners VIEW
The Learning Process VIEW
Learning Theories VIEW
Principles of Learning VIEW
Attitude VIEW
Characteristics of Attitude VIEW
Components of Attitude VIEW
Formation of Attitude VIEW
Factor affecting Attitude VIEW
Perception, Importance VIEW
Factors influencing perception VIEW
Interpersonal Perception VIEW
Impre Management VIEW


Unit 3 Group and Team Dynamics [Book]
Group Dynamics Meaning, Types of Groups VIEW
Functions of groups VIEW
Stages of Group development VIEW
Strategies for improving group dynamics VIEW
Determinants of Group Behaviour VIEW
Team Dynamics Meaning VIEW
Types of Teams VIEW
Team Building VIEW
Effective Team Management VIEW VIEW
Stages Professional Interpersonal Relations VIEW
Difference between Groups and Teams VIEW
Conflict: Meaning VIEW
Sources of Conflict VIEW VIEW
Conflict Resolving Strategies VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Motivation and Leadership [Book]
Motivation Nature and Importance of Motivation VIEW
Motivation Theories VIEW VIEW VIEW
Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory VIEW
Hertzberg’s Two Factor Theory VIEW
McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y VIEW
Leadership Nature and Importance VIEW
Qualities of Good Leaders VIEW VIEW
Leadership Types VIEW
Theories of Leaders VIEW
Models of Leadership VIEW
Styles of Leadership VIEW


Unit 5 Dynamics of Organizational Behaviours [Book]
Organisation Culture and Climate Meaning, Importance VIEW
Factors influencing Organization climate VIEW
Organizational Change Importance VIEW VIEW
Organizational Change process VIEW
Resistance to Organizational change VIEW VIEW
Managing Change VIEW
Organizational Development Nature, Objectives, Benefit VIEW VIEW
Organizational Development Process VIEW VIEW