Business Analytics Bangalore University BBA 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Introduction to Business Analytics {Book}
Business Analytics, Terminologies used in Analytics: Business Analytics VIEW
Business Intelligence VIEW
Meaning, Importance, Scope, Uses of Business Analytics VIEW
Architecture of Business Analytics VIEW
Types of Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostics, Predictive, Prescriptive VIEW
Application of Business analytics VIEW
Introduction to Data Science and Big Data VIEW


Unit 2 Role of Data in The Organization {Book}
Sources of data VIEW
Use of Data in Decision making VIEW VIEW
Importance of data quality VIEW VIEW
Dealing with missing or incomplete data VIEW
Types of Digital Data: Structured, Semi Structured, Unstructured Data VIEW
Data Warehouse VIEW VIEW
Data Mining VIEW
Data Integration: What, need, advantages, approaches of Data integration VIEW
Data profiling VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Tools Used for Data Analytics {Book}
Introduction to data analytics software VIEW
Types of Data analytics software, Open source and Proprietary software VIEW


Unit 4 Database Orientation {Book}
Database VIEW
Types of Structures, DBMS VIEW
Relational Database Language VIEW
Introduction to SQL, Features of SQL, SQL Languages VIEW
DDL commands: Create, Add, Drop VIEW
Constraints in SQL VIEW
DML Commands: Insert, Delete, Update VIEW
Data Query Language: Where clause, Order by, Group by VIEW
DCL commands: Grant, Revoke VIEW
TCL Commands: Commit, Roll Back, Save point VIEW
Aggregate Functions, Relational Algebra VIEW


Unit 5 Data Visualization Using Tableau {Book}
Introduction to Dimensions and measures VIEW VIEW
Types of Charts, (Pie Chart, Column Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Stock Chart)
Basic understanding in Dashboard and Storyboard VIEW