Indian Financial System Bangalore University BBA 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Overview of Financial System [Book]
Introduction to Financial System, Features VIEW
Constituents of Financial System VIEW
Financial Institutions VIEW VIEW
Financial Services VIEW VIEW
Financial Markets VIEW VIEW
Financial Instruments VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Financial Institutions [Book]
Financial Institutions, Characteristics VIEW
Broad Categories:
Money Market Institutions VIEW VIEW
Capital Market Institutions VIEW VIEW
Objectives and Functions of Industrial Finance Corporation of India VIEW
Industrial Development Bank of India VIEW
State Financial Corporations VIEW
Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India VIEW
EXIM Bank of India VIEW VIEW
National Small Industrial Development Corporation VIEW
National Industrial Development Corporation VIEW
RBI Measures for NBFCs VIEW VIEW


Unit 3 Financial Services [Book]
Financial Services, Meaning, Objectives, Functions, Characteristics VIEW
Types of Financial Services VIEW
**Fund based Services and Fee based Services VIEW
**Factoring Services VIEW
Merchant Banking: Functions and Operations VIEW VIEW
Leasing VIEW
Mutual Funds VIEW VIEW
Venture Capital VIEW
Credit Rating VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Financial Markets and Instruments [Book]
Meaning and Definition, Role and Functions of Financial Markets VIEW VIEW
Constituents of Financial Markets VIEW
Money Market Instruments VIEW
Capital Market and Instruments VIEW VIEW
SEBI guidelines for Listing of Shares VIEW VIEW
Issue of Commercial Papers VIEW


Unit 5 Stock Markets [Book]
Meaning of Stock, Nature and Functions of Stock Exchange VIEW VIEW
Stock Market Operations VIEW VIEW
Trading, Settlement and Custody (Brief discussion on NSDL & CSDL) VIEW VIEW