Fundamentals of Management and Life Skills

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Unit 1 Management {Book}

Introduction, Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics, Importance and Scope of Management VIEW
Management as a Science, as an Art and as a Profession VIEW
Meaning and Definitions of Administration VIEW
Differences between Management and Administration VIEW
Unit 2 Principles and Functions of Management {Book}
Principles of Management VIEW
Management Nature and Importance VIEW
FW Taylor’s Scientific Management VIEW
Henry Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management VIEW
Management of objectives (MBO): Meaning, Definitions, Need, Benefits and Limitations VIEW
Management of Exception (MBE): Meaning, Definitions, Need, Benefits and Limitations VIEW
Management functions: Meaning, Definitions, Characteristics VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Planning VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Organizing VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Staffing VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Directing VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Co-ordinating VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Reporting VIEW
Benefits & Limitations of Controlling VIEW
Unit 3 Leadership and Motivation {Book}
Leadership Meaning, Definition, Characteristics VIEW
Role and Qualities of a Good Leader VIEW
Leadership Styles: Autocratic, Democratic, Free-rein, New age leadership styles-servant leadership, Level-5 leadership, Transformation leadership, Transactional leadership, Negotiation leadership, Moral leadership, Women leadership and Global business leadership style VIEW
Motivation Nature, importance VIEW
Theories of Motivation:
Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory VIEW
McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y VIEW
Herzberg’s Two Factory Theory VIEW
Unit 4 Communication Skills {Book}
Meaning and Definitions of Communication VIEW VIEW
Types of Communication: Formal Communication & Informal Communication VIEW VIEW
Modes of Communication:
Verbal Communication VIEW
Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language, Gestures and Facial Expressions) VIEW
Etiquette and mannerism in Personal and Business meetings VIEW
E-communication: Video and virtual Conferencing VIEW
Written Communication VIEW
Email Writing VIEW
Characteristics Effective Communication VIEW
Importance of Effective Communication VIEW
Barriers to Effective Communication and Measures to Overcome Barriers VIEW
Measures to Overcome Barriers to Effective Communication VIEW
Effective Communication Skills: Active Listening, Speaking, Observing, Empathizing VIEW VIEW
Tips for Improving Communication Skills VIEW
Unit 5 Life Skills, Personality and Attitude {Book}
Life Skills Meaning, Definitions VIEW
Elements of life skills: Behavior, Attitude, Mannerism, Manners, Etiquette, Ethos, Morality, Determination commitment, Courageousness, Perseverance VIEW
Personality-Meaning, Definition, Characteristics VIEW
Personality Determinants VIEW
Personality Types VIEW
Sources of Personality VIEW
Difference between Trait and Personality VIEW VIEW
Attitude: Meaning, Definition, Components VIEW
Characteristics/Functions of Attitude VIEW
Factors influencing attitude VIEW
Types of Attitude VIEW

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