Business & Management Rajasthan University BBA 1st Year Notes

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Unit 1 Business & Management {Book}
Features and Scope of Business VIEW
Elementary knowledge of Trade, industry and Commerce VIEW
Types of industries VIEW
Forms of ownership:
Sole Trading (Single person Company) VIEW
Partnership company VIEW
Cooperatives company VIEW
Joint sector company VIEW
Public enterprises VIEW


Unit 2 {Book}
Concept of Management, Nature and Scope of management VIEW
Management functions VIEW
Functional area of Management VIEW
Principles of Management VIEW
Schools of Management thought VIEW


Unit 3 {Book}
Management planning VIEW
Nature and components of management Planning VIEW
Types of Management Planning VIEW
Process of planning VIEW
Effective planning VIEW
Management by objectives VIEW
Management Decision making process VIEW
Techniques of Decision making VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
Organisation: Definition VIEW
Principles of organisation VIEW
Organisation Structure: Formal and informal VIEW
Delegation of Authority VIEW
Leadership function VIEW
Theories of leadership VIEW
Leadership Styles VIEW
Coordination Principles VIEW
Techniques of coordination VIEW
Effective coordination VIEW


Unit 5 {Book}
Motivation: Human Needs VIEW
Techniques of Motivation VIEW
Sound Motivation system VIEW
Theories of Motivation:
Maslow VIEW
Herzberg VIEW
McGregor VIEW
Victor Vroom VIEW
Management Control VIEW
Nature and Process of control VIEW
Techniques of control VIEW
Effective control system VIEW