Financial Accounting

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Unit 1 Conceptual Frame Work Of Financial Accounting {Book}
Financial Accounting Meaning, Definition, Objectives VIEW
Financial Accounting Objectives VIEW
Terminologies: Transaction, debit, credit, Assets, Liabilities, Capital, Drawings, Goods VIEW
Distinctions between Goods and Assets VIEW
Purchases, Purchase Returns, Sales, Sales Returns VIEW
Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Stock, Work-in-progress VIEW
Inventory, Incomes, Expenses, Creditors, Debtors VIEW
Bills of Exchange VIEW
Bills Receivable, Bills Payable VIEW
Outstanding Expenses, Accrued Incomes VIEW
Prepaid Expenses, Incomes received in Advance VIEW
Journal VIEW
Journal Entry, Rules for Journal Entry VIEW VIEW
Subsidiary Books VIEW
Journal Proper VIEW
Account Carried Down, Brought Down, Carried Forward, Brought Forward VIEW
Ledger Accounts VIEW
Income statement VIEW
Balance Sheet VIEW
Accounting Equation VIEW
Accounting concepts: Entity, Money measurement, Realization and Accrual concept VIEW
Introduction to IFRS VIEW
European GAAP, Japanese GAAP VIEW


Unit 2 Accounting for Sale of Partnership firm {Book}
Sale to a Limited Company VIEW
Need for conversion – Meaning of Purchase Consideration, Methods of calculating Purchase Consideration, Net Payment method, Net Asset method VIEW
Passing of journal entries accounts in the Books of Vendor VIEW
Preparation of Ledger Accounts in the Books of Vendor VIEW
Treatment of Certain items VIEW
Dissolution expenses VIEW
Unrecorded Assets and Liabilities VIEW
Assets and Liabilities not taken over by the purchasing company VIEW
Contingent liabilities VIEW VIEW
Non-assumption of Trade Liabilities in the Books of Purchasing company VIEW
Passing of incorporation entries: Treatment of security premium VIEW


Unit 3 Accounting for Departmental Undertakings {Book}
Meaning and Features of Departmental Undertaking VIEW
Examples of Department Specific Expenses and Common Expenses VIEW
Need and Bases of Apportionment of Common Expenses VIEW
Preparation of Trading Account in Columnar Form VIEW
Preparation of Profit and Loss Account in Columnar Form VIEW
General Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet VIEW
Simple problems involving adjustment on Closing Stock VIEW
Depreciation VIEW
Inter Departmental Transfers at Cost Price VIEW


Unit 4 Fire Insurance claims {Book}
Meaning, Need and Advantages of Fire Insurance VIEW
Insurer/Insurance Company, Insured/Policyholder, Premium VIEW
Salvage, Insurance Policy, Sum Assured, Under Insurance, Average Clause, Claim VIEW


Unit 5 Computerized Accounting Systems {Book}
Computerized Accounts by using Accounting Software VIEW
Creating a Company; Configure and Features Settings VIEW
Creating Accounting Ledgers and Groups VIEW
Creating Stock Items and Groups; Vouchers Entry VIEW