Functions of Communication Technology in Corporate Communication

17/11/2020 0 By indiafreenotes

Influential businesses around the globe are aware that technology has reshaped the way we work today. When the digital era first started, the process of adaptation took some time, nonetheless the reward was priceless. These are 5 benefits from technology used in business communications:

  1. Increased Communication. Do you remember a time at work when you had to send a handwritten letter to your boss who might have worked in a different located due to either travel meetings or important projects? The average respond time could have been days. Today, technology gives us the opportunity to communicate via email, messages, Skype or FaceTime, within minutes and most importantly, from any part of the world.
  2. Improved Level of Security and distribution. “Back in the day” we used to store piles of paperwork in a locked safety cabinet or safe. Today, technology allows businesses to save up to thousands and thousands of sensitive information and files, encrypt such files and store on a single PC, external hard drive or cloud drive. With a proper antivirus like Avira, and security tips to protect your devices from hacking, the appropriate departments have access to these files and can share among one another within seconds while keeping files safe.
  3. Visual Quality. Do you remember when you used to write your reports with a typewriter? And you had to do it carefully to keep paper quality? Nowadays, computers have software tools like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, which can make your reports more visually attractive. As well as correct mistakes as many times as you would like without having to worry about paper issues or constantly restarting.
  4. Quick, accessible Information. The Internet is another technology used in business communication. Trips to this virtual library can take place within seconds! Getting the information, you are looking for has never been easier and/or faster. Have you heard of a single company that doesn’t use internet in their daily basis? That’s right, today having Internet access is as important as having a computer, because of the accessible information you can get while using it at work, which can increase knowledge and substance different work reports.
  5. Increased Efficiency. Last but absolutely not least, efficiency. Here is a great example of how technology in business communications has increased efficiency: remember how credit cards used to be put under a carbon paper to get physical impression? We know what you’re thinking, it was tedious and it took a while. Today credit cards are swiped through a card reader and the payment is made! Additional ways efficiency has increased are; computers are also a handy tool to process data, and employees are working faster than ever and this is making their workflow smoother.