Entrepreneurship and Ethics

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Unit 1 Entrepreneurship [Book]
Meaning, Definition and characteristics of Entrepreneurship VIEW
**Process of Entrepreneurship VIEW
**Barriers of Entrepreneurship VIEW
Meaning, Definition and characteristics of Entrepreneur VIEW
Functions of Entrepreneur VIEW VIEW
Factors influencing Entrepreneurship VIEW
Advantages and Disadvantages of Entrepreneurship VIEW
Qualities of an Entrepreneur VIEW
Types of Entrepreneurs VIEW
Brief history about successful entrepreneurs VIEW
Role of Artificial intelligence in Developing Enterprises VIEW


Unit 2 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises [Book]
Meaning, Definition, investment limit of Micro, Small and Medium enterprise VIEW
Ownership Patterns of Micro, Small and Medium enterprise VIEW
Products and Services of MSME VIEW
Role played by MSME in the development of Indian Economy VIEW
Problems faced by MSME and the steps taken to solve the problems VIEW
Stages in setting up of MSME VIEW


Unit 3 Start-Ups [Book]
Meaning, Definition features types, Benefit and Limitation of startups VIEW
Players in the promotion of start ups VIEW VIEW
The role of incubation centers in grooming youngsters for startups VIEW
Objectives and Functions of incubation centers VIEW
Preparation of Business plan VIEW VIEW
Feasibility Reports: Financial, technical, marketing, product service, Legal VIEW
Causes for Success and Failure of start-ups in India VIEW
Start-ups India scheme, Features eligibility, Loan facilities matching grant VIEW
Minimizing section imbalance through the promotion of startups in Urban and Rural India VIEW
Women entrepreneurs in startups VIEW VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 The Role of Banking and Financial Institutions in The Promotion of Entrepreneurs [Book]
Financial Assistance by Commercial banks to Entrepreneurs VIEW
Financial Assistance by Co-operative banks to Entrepreneurs VIEW
Government Assistance through SFCs VIEW
Non-financial assistance from DIC, SISI, AWAKE, KVIC VIEW
Financial incentives for MSMEs and Tax Concessions VIEW VIEW
Assistance for obtaining Raw Material, Machinery, Land and Building and Technical Assistance VIEW
Industrial Estates: Role and Type VIEW


Unit 5 Ethics in Business [Book]
Meaning, Scope of Ethics of Business Ethics VIEW VIEW
Types of Business Ethics VIEW
Characteristics of Business Ethics VIEW
Factors influencing Business Ethics VIEW
Importance of Business Ethics VIEW
Ethics in Finance VIEW
Ethics in Production VIEW
Ethics in Marketing VIEW
Ethics in HR VIEW
Ethics in R&D VIEW