Banking Innovations Bangalore University 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Banking System in India {Book}
Meaning, Definitions and Features of a Bank VIEW
Meaning, Definitions and Features of Banking VIEW
Features of Indian Banking System VIEW
Reserve Bank of India Role and Functions VIEW
Commercial Banks Meaning & Nature VIEW VIEW
Commercial Banks Functions VIEW
Special types of banks: Women Bank, Payments Bank, Savings Bank, Microfinance Banks VIEW
Regional Rural Banks VIEW
Foreign Banks VIEW
Industrial Development Banks VIEW VIEW
Cooperative Banks VIEW
Agricultural Development Banks VIEW
Public Sector and Private Sector Banks VIEW
Banking Sector Reforms VIEW
Narasimham Committee Report – I and II VIEW VIEW
Basel Norms I, II and III VIEW
CIBIL Meaning, Objectives, Features and Benefits VIEW


Unit 2 Banker and Customer Relationship {Book}
Meaning of Banker and Customer VIEW
Importance of Banker-Customer Relationship VIEW VIEW
Types of Bankers VIEW
Customer Relationship: Special and General Relationship: VIEW
Debtor and Creditor VIEW
Pledger and Pledgee VIEW
Licensor and Licensee, Trustee and Beneficiary, Agent and Principal, Advisor and Client, Bailor and Bailee VIEW
Termination of Relationship VIEW
Statutory Protection available to a Banker VIEW VIEW
Meaning Duties and Responsibilities of Collecting Banker VIEW VIEW
Meaning Duties and Responsibilities of Paying Banker VIEW
Meaning Duties and Responsibilities of Lending Banker VIEW
Banking Ombudsman Meaning, Features and Benefits VIEW


Unit 3 Banking Products {Book} VIEW
Bank Accounts:
Savings Bank Account, Current Account VIEW
Recurring Deposits Account VIEW
Fixed Deposits Account VIEW
Non Resident Indians Accounts, Pigmy Deposit Accounts, Other Special Accounts VIEW
Procedures and Documents involved in opening bank accounts VIEW VIEW
Bank Advances VIEW
Principles of Bank Lending VIEW
Kinds of Loans:
Short-term Loans VIEW
Cash Credit VIEW
Overdraft VIEW
Pledge, Hypothecation VIEW
Discounting and Purchase of Bills of Exchange VIEW
Purchase of Bills of Exchange VIEW
Letters of Credit VIEW
Retail Banking Services: Home loans, Auto Loans, Personal loans VIEW
Retail Banking Services: Safe Lockers, Jewel Loans, Consumer Durable Loans, Education Loans VIEW
Auxiliary Services: Investment Services, Insurance services VIEW
Currency Exchange VIEW VIEW
Household payment services VIEW
Negotiable Instruments: Meaning, Definitions, Features VIEW VIEW
Types of Negotiable Instruments VIEW
Parties to Negotiable Instruments VIEW
Crossing of Cheques VIEW VIEW
Endorsements of Cheques VIEW VIEW
Payments and Collection of Cheques VIEW
Dishonor of Cheques VIEW VIEW VIEW
Cheques Truncation System VIEW


Unit 4 Innovations in Banking {Book}
Meaning and Need of Banking Innovations VIEW
Core banking VIEW
E-Banking VIEW
Telebanking VIEW
Internet Banking VIEW
Mobile Banking VIEW
Debit Card, Credit Card VIEW VIEW VIEW
Truncated Cheques VIEW
CryptoCurrency VIEW
Central Bank VIEW
Digital Currency VIEW VIEW


Unit 5 Technologies used in Banking {Book}
Types of Technology used in Banking VIEW VIEW
Augmented Reality VIEW
Block Chain VIEW
Robotic Process Automation VIEW
Quantum Computing VIEW
Artificial Intelligence VIEW
API Platforms VIEW
Prescriptive security Meaning, Features and Benefits VIEW