Retail Banking Services: Home loans, Auto Loans, Personal loans

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Home Loan

A Home Loan is a form of financial assistance extended by banks and financial institutions. Such banks or financial institutions can help increase your budget to purchase a house with the loan amount offered. You can avail of the loan by meeting certain Home Loan eligibility criteria for a specific tenure. You must return the loan amount borrowed over the course of the tenure along with interest according to predetermined interest rates. You repay the Home Loan in monthly instalments, just like you would repay any other loan. Today, most banks offer Home Loans that not only help you purchase ready-made homes, but also facilitate the construction of a house from scratch. In addition, you can also seek Home Loans for renovation or repair purposes.

This is the most common type of home loan availed to purchase a house. There are many housing finance companies, public banks, and private banks that offer housing loans where you borrow money to purchase the house of your choice and repay the loan in monthly instalments.

You can get up to 80%-90% of the house’s market price in the form of financing. The lender will hold the house until you completely repay the loan.

Home Construction Loan

This is the right home loan type if you already have a plot of land and you need financing to construct a house in that land.

Home Extension Loan

Say you already own a house and you would like to extend the house with another room or another floor to accommodate the growing family. Home extension loan provides financing for this purpose.

Home Improvement Loan

A home improvement loan provides financing for renovating or repairing the house if there’s any fault in the existing system, such as painting the house’s interior or exterior, plumbing, upgrading the electrical system, waterproofing the ceiling, and more.

Home Loan Balance Transfer

The current home loan interest rate may be overwhelming, or you may not be happy with your current lender’s service; you can transfer the home loan’s outstanding balance to a different lender who offers a lower interest rate and better service. Upon transfer, you can even check out the possibilities of a top-up loan on your existing one.

Composite Home Loan

This type of home loan provides financing for purchasing the plot of land where you would like to construct a house and for the construction, both within a single loan.

Benefits of Taking a Home Loan

Tax benefits

The foremost benefit of a home loan is the income tax deduction you can claim on the interest and principal repayments. You can claim up to Rs.1.5 lakh on principal repayments u/s 80C, up to Rs.2 lakh on interest repayments u/s 24B, up to Rs.2 lakh on interest repayment in special circumstances u/s 80EE and 80EEA, and up to Rs.1.5 lakh on stamp duty expenses u/s 80C.

Due diligence of property

When you go through a bank to purchase a house, the bank will conduct thorough checks on the property from the legal perspective and check if all the documents produced are valid.

This due diligence check from the bank’s end will reduce the risk of you being scammed. If the bank approves the property, that means you and your house are safe.

Lower interest rate

The home loan interest rate is much lower as compared to any other loan types available. If you come across a cash crunch, you may get a top-up on the existing home loan at a lower interest rate than a personal loan to solve the issue.

Balance transfer facility

You can transfer the home loan from one lender to another for several reasons, such as the interest rate, service charges, customer service experience, and others.

Auto Loans

An auto loan is a loan that allows you to buy a desired four wheeler, and pay the vehicle off in equated monthly installments for a set tenure instead of having to pay the full price upfront. The terms of an auto loan depend on various factors, including your income and credit history.

Though everybody may not have enough cash to purchase the auto with a lump-sum payment, numerous lenders can help you realise your dream of buying the auto through a auto loan.

Applying for a auto loan is now hassle-free, easy, and paperless. Just make a few clicks, and you can submit the auto loan application form online. Almost every bank today offers auto loans at attractive interest rates. Based on one’s affordability, it is now quite easy to take a auto loan and then pay EMIs without really biting into a person’s finances.

Features and Benefits of Auto Loan

  • Get financing for purchasing new and used autos.
  • The financing can go up to 85%-90% of the on-road price of the auto. Some banks offer up to 100% financing on the vehicle’s on-road price to certain conditions.
  • The loan tenure can range from one year up to seven years.
  • The loan amount can be up to three times the annual income of the applicant.
  • Some lenders offer instant financing facilities for autos.
  • You may get additional discounts and offers if you choose to purchase a auto from the dealer or manufacturer the bank has a tie-up with.
  • The auto purchased through financing will be held as collateral until the loan is repaid.
  • The repayment structure most commonly followed for a auto loan is equated monthly instalments (EMI).

Personal loans

Personal Loan is an unsecured credit provided by financial institutions based on criteria like employment history, repayment capacity, income level, profession and credit history. Personal Loan, which is also known as a consumer loan is a multi-purpose loan, which you can use to meet any of your immediate needs.


  • With various financial institutions offering Personal Loan online services, the loan amount is disbursement within a few hours provided the lender is convinced of your repayment capacity.
  • Unlike other types of loans like Home Loan or Gold Loan, where you must provide several documents, Personal Loans require minimum documents and the approval process is quick.
  • Another significant feature of Personal Loan is that the lenders offer you the flexibility to choose your loan tenure. Usually, Personal Loan tenure ranges from one to five years. So, you can select the loan term based on your repayment capacity. You should opt for a shorter loan, so that you can save on the interest payment and repay the amount faster.