Business Ethics Bangalore University 2nd Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Nature and Essence of Business Ethics {Book}
Meaning of Ethics, Scope & Importance of Ethics VIEW
Types of Ethics VIEW
Business Ethics Introduction, Meaning, Importance VIEW VIEW
Characteristics of Business Ethics VIEW
Factors Influencing Business Ethics VIEW
Principles & Scope of Business Ethics VIEW
Approaches to the study of Business Ethics VIEW
Arguments for and against Business Ethics VIEW


Unit 2 Personal & Professional Ethics {Book}
Personal Ethics Meaning VIEW
Principles of Personal Ethics, Importance VIEW
Emotional Honesty VIEW
Virtue of Humility VIEW
Karma Yoga concept VIEW
Professional Ethics Concept VIEW
Emergence of Professional Ethics VIEW
Need for Professional Ethics VIEW
Ethical Dilemmas in Profession: Healthcare, Education, Corporate, Social work VIEW
Reasons for the crisis of Professional Ethics (Nepotism, favoritism etc.) VIEW
Moral Entrepreneur VIEW


Unit 3 Business Ethics in Marketing & Finance {Book}
Meaning of Marketing, Need of Ethics in Marketing VIEW
Ethical dilemmas in Marketing VIEW
Unethical practices in Marketing VIEW
Ethical issues in Advertising, Promotions and Distribution VIEW
Common deceptive marketing practices VIEW
Role of Consumerism VIEW
Meaning of Finance, Ethics in Finance, Need of Ethics in Finance VIEW
Scope & Code of Ethics in Finance VIEW
Unethical practices in Finance VIEW
Creative Accounting Definition, Importance and Methods VIEW
Earnings Management & Accounting Fraud VIEW
Hostile takeovers in India VIEW
Case study: Kingfisher Airlines Scam, Satyam Scam. VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
HRM Meaning, Definition, Need VIEW VIEW
Areas of HRM ethics VIEW
Ethical issues in HR, Unethical practices of HRM VIEW
Meaning & Importance of Workplace Ethics VIEW
Role of Management in inculcating workplace ethics VIEW
Factors shaping ethical behavior at work VIEW
Importance of Employee Code of Conduct VIEW
Ethical Leadership VIEW
IT – Ethical issues relating to Computer Applications VIEW
Information Security VIEW VIEW
Security Policies & Procedures, Information Protection VIEW VIEW
Ethical codes in Information Technology VIEW VIEW
Reducing threat to Information Systems VIEW
Objectives and Features of Cyber Laws in India VIEW VIEW
Objectives and Features of The Information Technology Act 2000 VIEW
Computer Crime VIEW VIEW
Computer Viruses Meaning, Types & Prevention VIEW
Ecological Ethics VIEW
Environment Protection and pollution control by businesses VIEW


Unit 5 Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility {Book}
Corporate Culture Meaning, Characteristics, Importance VIEW
Positive and Negative impact of corporate culture in business VIEW
Role of CEOs in shaping Business culture VIEW VIEW
Corporate Governance Meaning, Scope, Principles, Benefits VIEW
Corporate Governance Characteristics VIEW
Corporate Governance Limitations VIEW
Corporate Governance Norms VIEW
Changes in Corporate Governance issues as per Companies Act 2013 VIEW
Various Committees on Corporate Governance VIEW
Board of Directors VIEW
Board of Directors Appointment & Duties VIEW VIEW
Cadbury Committee VIEW
Narasimhan Committee VIEW
Narayana Murthy Committee VIEW
Structure of Corporate Governance VIEW
CSR: Concept, Scope, Types, Various models VIEW
CSR Principles VIEW
CSR Strategies VIEW
Importance of CSR in contemporary society VIEW