Financial Decision Making-2 Osmania University 6th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Decision Analysis {Book}
Cost/Volume/Profit analysis: VIEW VIEW
Breakeven analysis VIEW VIEW
Profit Performance and Alternative Operating levels VIEW
Analysis of Multiple products VIEW
Marginal Analysis, Sunk costs, Opportunity costs and other related concepts VIEW
Marginal costs and Marginal revenue VIEW
Special orders and pricing VIEW
Make versus buy VIEW VIEW
Sell or Process further VIEW
Add or drop a segment VIEW
Capacity considerations VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Pricing: {Book}
Pricing Decisions, Pricing Methodologies VIEW
Target Costing VIEW
Elasticity of Demand VIEW VIEW VIEW
Product life cycle considerations VIEW
Market Structure considerations VIEW


Unit 3 Risk Management {Book}
Risk Management VIEW
Enterprise Risk: VIEW
Types of risk VIEW
Risk identification and Assessment VIEW
*Risk Analysis VIEW
Risk Mitigation Strategies VIEW VIEW
Managing risk VIEW


Unit 4 Investment Decisions {Book}
Investment Decisions VIEW VIEW
Capital budgeting process VIEW
Stages of Capital budgeting VIEW
Income Tax considerations VIEW VIEW
Evaluating Uncertainty VIEW VIEW
Capital investment method analysis: VIEW
Net present value VIEW
Internal rate of return VIEW
Payback Period VIEW
Comparison of investment analysis methods VIEW


Unit 5 Professional Ethics {Book}
Business ethics VIEW VIEW
Moral Philosophies and Values VIEW VIEW VIEW
Ethical Decision making VIEW
Ethical considerations for financial management Professionals VIEW
Ethical considerations for Management accounting VIEW
IMA’s statement for ethical professional Practice VIEW
Fraud triangle VIEW
Evaluation and resolution of ethical issues VIEW
Ethical considerations for the organization VIEW
Organizational factors and ethical culture VIEW
IMA’s statement on Management Accounting VIEW
Values and Ethics: From inception to Practice VIEW
Ethical Leadership, Legal compliance VIEW
Responsibility for ethical conduct VIEW
Sustainability VIEW
Social responsibility VIEW