Financial Decision Making-1 Osmania University 5th Semester Notes

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Unit 1 Financial Statement Analysis {Book}
Basic Financial Statement Analysis VIEW
Common size financial statements VIEW
Common base year financial statements VIEW
Financial Ratios: VIEW
Liquidity Ratio VIEW
Leverage Ratio VIEW
Activity Ratio VIEW
Profitability Ratios VIEW
Solvency Ratio VIEW
Market Profitability analysis VIEW
Income measurement analysis VIEW
Revenue analysis VIEW
Cost of sales analysis VIEW
Expense analysis VIEW
Variation analysis VIEW VIEW
Special issues:
Impact of foreign operations VIEW VIEW
Effects of changing prices and inflation VIEW VIEW
Off-balance sheet financing VIEW
Impact of changes in accounting treatment VIEW
Accounting and Economic concepts of value and income VIEW
Earnings quality VIEW


Unit 2 Financial Management {Book}
Risk & Return VIEW VIEW VIEW
Calculating return VIEW
Types of risk VIEW
Relationship between Risk and Return VIEW VIEW
Long-term Financial Management: VIEW
Term structure of interest rates VIEW
Types of financial instruments VIEW VIEW
Cost of capital VIEW VIEW
Valuation of financial instruments VIEW


Unit 3 Raising Capital {Book}
Raising Capital VIEW VIEW
Financial markets VIEW VIEW VIEW
Financial markets regulation VIEW
Market efficiency VIEW
Financial institutions VIEW VIEW
Initial and secondary public offerings VIEW VIEW
Secondary public offerings VIEW
Dividend policy VIEW VIEW VIEW
share repurchases VIEW
Lease financing VIEW VIEW


Unit 4 Working Capital Management {Book}
Managing working capital VIEW VIEW
Cash Management VIEW VIEW
Marketable Securities management VIEW
Accounts Receivable Management VIEW VIEW
Inventory management VIEW VIEW VIEW
Short-term Credit: VIEW
Types of short-term credit VIEW
Short-term credit management VIEW


Unit 5 Corporate Restructuring and International Finance {Book}
Corporate Restructuring VIEW
Mergers and acquisitions VIEW
Bankruptcy VIEW VIEW
Other forms of restructuring VIEW
International Finance VIEW
Fixed, flexible, and floating exchange rates VIEW VIEW
Managing transaction exposure VIEW
Financing international trade VIEW
Tax implications of transfer pricing VIEW