Quantitative Techniques-II LU BBA 4th Semester NEP Notes

25/01/2022 1 By indiafreenotes
Unit 1 Differential Calculus: {Book} No Update


Unit 2 Integral Calculus {Book} No Update


Unit 3 Probability {Book}
Probability Definition VIEW
Objective and Subjective Approaches VIEW
Addition and Multiplication theorem of probability VIEW
Conditional probability VIEW
Baye’s theorem VIEW
Probability distribution VIEW
Binominal Distribution VIEW
Poisson Distribution VIEW
Normal Distribution VIEW


Unit 4 {Book}
Sampling VIEW
Sampling Distribution VIEW
Sampling Process VIEW
Sampling Techniques:
Probability Sampling VIEW
Non-Probability Sampling VIEW
Sample Size Decision VIEW
Hypothesis VIEW VIEW
Null Hypothesis & Alternative Hypothesis VIEW VIEW
Type-I & Type-II Errors VIEW
Hypothesis Testing: Z-Test & T-Test VIEW VIEW