Industrial Relations Management LU BBA 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Industrial Relations Concept Objectives, Nature and Scope VIEW
Approaches to Industrial Relations VIEW
Trade Unions VIEW VIEW
Industrial Disputes and their Resolutions VIEW VIEW
International Labour Organization Role & Functions VIEW


Unit 2 [Book]
Workers Participation in Management VIEW
Works Committee, Joint Management Councils VIEW
Pre-Requisite for Successful participation VIEW
Collective Bargaining Form & Process VIEW VIEW
Role of Government in Collective Bargaining VIEW


Unit 3 [Book]
Industrial Unrest VIEW
Employee Dissatisfaction:
Grievances VIEW VIEW
Disciplinary Action, Domestic Enquiry VIEW
Strikes, Prevention of Strikes, Lockouts VIEW
Discipline: Positive, Negative discipline VIEW
Disciplinary procedure VIEW
Absenteeism VIEW
Turnover VIEW
Dismissal and Discharge VIEW


Unit 4 [Book]
Factories Act Meaning, Definition VIEW VIEW
Welfare Safety Health Measures VIEW VIEW
General provisions of Workmen’s Compensation Act VIEW
Bonus Act VIEW
Gratuity Act VIEW