Role Play and Simulation LU BBA Notes LU BBA 4th Semester NEP Notes

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Unit 1 Role play and simulation {Book}
Introduction of Role play and Simulation VIEW
Difference between Role play and Simulation VIEW
Introduction of Hierarchy in Organization and their roles VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Role play and Simulation {Book}
Maslow Theory VIEW
Herzberg Two Factor Theory VIEW
Johari Window Model VIEW
Accommodating with real life examples, cases and videos


Unit 3 Instructional Strategies {Book}
Role play, Simulations and live events at operational level, Middle level and Higher level VIEW
Facilitating and debriefing simulation games: facilitator role VIEW


Unit 4 Role play and Simulation {Book}
The future of simulation games: issues and challenges VIEW
Coping change management VIEW VIEW VIEW
Coping with emerging and instant situations VIEW