HR6.5 Labour Welfare and Social security

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Unit 1 Social & Labour Welfare [Book]  
Social Welfare Concept, Scope VIEW
Labour Welfare Concept, Scope VIEW VIEW
Philosophy of Labour Welfare VIEW
Principles of Labour Welfare VIEW
Indian Constitution and Labour Welfare VIEW
Labour Welfare Policy and Five Year Plans VIEW
Historical Development of Labour Welfare in India VIEW VIEW


Unit 2 Managing Quality and Productivity [Book]  
Alternative work arrangements VIEW
Using quality circle programs VIEW
Attitude surveys VIEW VIEW
Total Quality Management programs VIEW
Creating self-directed teams VIEW
Extending participative decision making VIEW
HR and Business Process Reengineering VIEW


Unit 3 Indian Labour Organization [Book]  
Indian Labour Organization VIEW
Impact of ILO on Labour Welfare in India VIEW
Agencies of Labour Welfare and their Roles VIEW
Labour Welfare Programmes: Statutory and Non-Statutory VIEW
**Approaches to Employee Welfare VIEW
Extra Mural and Intra Mural VIEW
Welfare Centers VIEW
Welfare Officer Role, Status and Functions VIEW


Unit 4 Social Security [Book]  
Social Security Concept and Scope VIEW VIEW
Social Assistance and Social Insurance VIEW
Development of Social Security in India VIEW
Social Security measures for Industrial Employees VIEW VIEW


Unit 5 Labour Administration [Book]  
Labour Administration VIEW
Evolution of Machinery for Labour Administration VIEW
Central Labour Administrative Machinery in India VIEW
Labour Administration in India VIEW
Director General of Employment and Training VIEW
Director General of Factory Advice Service VIEW
Provident Fund Organization, ESI Schemes VIEW
Central Board for Worker’s education VIEW