HR5.6 Strategic Human Resource Management

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Unit 1 Introduction to Strategic HRM {Book}
Strategic role of HRM VIEW
Planning Strategic HR policies VIEW
Implementing Strategic HR policies VIEW
HR Strategies to increase firm performance VIEW


Unit 2 Investment Perspectives of HR {Book}
Investment Perspectives of HR VIEW
Investment Consideration VIEW
Investments in Training and Development VIEW
Investment Practices for Improved Retention VIEW
Investments Job secure work courses VIEW
Nontraditional investment Approaches VIEW


Unit 3 Managing Strategic Organization {Book}
Managing Strategic Organizational renewal VIEW
Managing change and OD VIEW VIEW
instituting TQM Programmes VIEW
Creating Team based Organizations VIEW
HR and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) VIEW
Flexible work arrangement VIEW


Unit 4 Establishing Strategic Plans  {Book}
Establishing Strategic pay plans, Determining periods, Establishing periods VIEW VIEW
Pricing Managerial and professional jobs VIEW
Compensation trends VIEW
Objectives of international Compensation VIEW
Approaches to international Compensation VIEW
Issues related to Double taxation VIEW


Unit 5 Global HRM {Book}
Managing Global Human Resources, HR and the internationalization of business VIEW
Improving international Assignments through selections VIEW
Training and Maintaining International Employees VIEW
Developing international Staff and Multinational Teams VIEW
Multinational, Global, and Transnational Strategies VIEW VIEW
Strategic Alliances VIEW
Sustainable Global Competitive Advantage VIEW VIEW
Globally Competent Managers VIEW VIEW
Location of Production Facilities VIEW VIEW